35th Anniversary Limited Edition Team Aero Pro Burner

Recently we underwent a project to produce 350 limited edition replica Aero Pro Burner. We always knew the project would be popular with Burner fans due to the iconic nature of the bike and owning a unique piece of history, however, the response we have had has totally exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t have wished for a more successful result.

A key part of the success was keeping the project as close to the original as possible, the specification included a frame and fork, which was carefully remade by TANGE, White SKYWAY Tuff2 wheels and Dia-compe MX-1000 brakes. Cam grips and other parts of the bike had also been replicated to match the iconic Pro Burner.

We’ve produced the following infographic to highlight some of the key statistics from the sale and would like to thank all of our Burner fans for making the project the success that it was.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next project.