Electric bikes are relatively new and technology is constantly changing, with new innovative ideas to make them more efficient and affordable options for everyone. If you've never seen an ebike before, you may envisage a scooter or motorbike hybrid, they're actually almost identical to a regular push bike.

On an electric bike, you'll find a number of extra components in comparison to a regular bike; a motor, a battery and a controller all integrated into the design. It's just like a regular bike in that you still need to pedal and steer with the handles. The idea of the electric motor is to assist, not completely replace pedalling. It means that hills and headwind are much more approachable and manageable, meaning you can travel further without getting tired and sweaty – perfect for a morning commute!

We understand that people still want to know a lot about ebikes and our aim is to answer all your questions so you can make an informed decision on which electric bikes you'd like to purchase. We've listed the most popular questions here about what is an ebike, we do also have a full FAQ page to answer all of your questions.

Do you need a license to drive an electric bike?

Not in UK, as all Raleigh ebikes are classed as EAPC so you don’t need to worry about registering, taxing or insuring! EAPC is an acronym for ‘electrically assisted pedal cycles’ – another way of saying electric bike. To be classed as an EAPC, a bike must meet certain requirements. You can find out more information on our electric bike laws information page.

How does an electric bike work?

Each ebike motor system we have on Raleigh bikes have difference pedal assist parts, but the way they work in general is all very similar. All our ebikes are simply activated by pedalling. The motor will kick in when you start to pedal, this is due to it triggering a sensor placed on the bike; this can be found in different places on each varying system. Ebikes can have three types of sensor, speed, cadence and torque. Each ebike will have a chosen sensor that is ideally suited to the type of bike and it's usage.  The battery on the ebike gives consistent electrical energy to the motor.

How does an e-bike controller work?

Not all our ebikes have the same motor system, meaning they don't all have the same controls. You can learn more about our four motor systems here. In terms of controllers, here are the four we have and on which bikes you can find them:

Shimano Computer Display

A sleek bar-mounted cycling computer with an easy-to-read high-contrast display. It has been partnered with ergonomic switch unit with intuitive design. The easy-to-read computer has every function you’ll need for a successful outing. It's computer functions include speed, distance, trip time, clock, gear, estimated range, battery indication. Accurate, reliable, supple switching between all three power-assist modes regardless of weather conditions.

Featured on: Mustang E and Strada E

Intuvia Display

The Intuvia on-board computer serves as the command centre, allowing you to switch between four different riding modes; Eco, Tour, Sport & Turbo, as well as displaying information like speed, battery level, distance travelled and approximate range. Your hands remain safely on the handlebar thanks to the separate operating unit. You always have all riding data clearly in sight. You are always pedalling in the correct gear with the gear recommendation; this saves the battery and increases your range.

Featured on: Captus and Motus

TransX Controls

Handle-mounted power controls are placed close to the grips, so you can easily select from the power levels, and use the speed button to give you an extra boost for hills or when you're late for work!

Featured on: Strada TSE, Spirit, Stow-E-Way and Pioneer

Emotion Control Panel

There are five different modes that are easily selected with a push of a button on the handlebar to offer you various levels of assistance, this also includes a 'walk' mode that gives slight assistance when you are walking alongside the bike.

Featured on: Array

Do you still have to pedal an electric bike?

Yes. In accordance to UK law, all electric bikes must use pedal power to work. You can read more about this on our electric bike laws page. That's exactly why we believe electric bikes are still exercise, you still need to put in some pedal power!

How do you ride an electric bike?

Just like a regular bike!

If you have any further questions, we've developed an ebikes FAQ page so you can take a look at questions we regularly hear and hopefully find your answer! 

Do you need help choosing your bike?

We've put together a bike finder tool to make your decision much easier!