Super Tuff Burner FAQ’s

Answering your burning questions about the release of the 2019 Super Tuff Burner

Q. How much will the Super Tuff Burner be?

A. It will be priced at £600.00 with no finance options available.


Q. When can I buy one?

A. The first chance to buy is on the 14th of August 2019 at 12pm when the pre-sale window opens. If you are signed up to our mailing list you will be notfied when the Burner is released. If you do miss out, your next chance to purchase will be on 23rd of October 2019 at general sale.


Q. Where can I get one?

A. The best chance to secure your Burner is online at however, a limited amount will be availble in selected stores. Contact your local dealer to check availability.


Q. What are the delivery options?

A. For this release, we only offer home delivery. You will not be able to use click and collect for this purchase.


Q. When does the pre-order window end?

A. The Pre-sale window is scheduled to close on 31/08/19. However, due to the limited number available this may be subject to change. Once they're gone, they're gone! (Until October!)

Q. Am I guaranteed one on the 14th?

A. Due to the limited nature of the pre-sale window we cannot guarantee that everyone will secure one. However, there will be another chance to secure your Burner at general sale 23.10.19.

Q. Can I buy more than one?

A. The Super Tuff Burner is limited to one per customer.


Q. Where do you deliver?

A. The Burner is only available for home delivery in the UK and Ireland. The Euro price for the bike is €695.00.


Q. Can it take me back to 1983?

A. We wish! Although we can’t take you back, we recommend cranking up the old school 80’s anthems and taking it out for a spin and just pretending you’re back


Q. When is general sale?

A. The Super Tuff Burners will return for purchase on 23rd of October 2019.


Q. I've purchased one, when will I get it?

A. The Super Tuff Burner will be delivered on or before 16/10/19.




Got a question that's not been answered? Please contact our customer service team for any further queries you may have. Good luck!