Our new Motus has been designed with you in mind, using the latest technology from market-leader Bosch to give you a premium electric experience. With four colours options in the range, the choice of hub or derailleur gearing systems plus a mixture of frame types, there’s a Motus for everyone.

Our ultimate lifestyle electric bike.  Designed in Britain and made in Europe, the Motus range uses the latest technology and quality components to deliver a premium electric bike experience.  Power-assisted pedalling makes it easier to cycle for longer and tackle hills without slowing down.

Our Motus range features the newly re-engineered Bosch Active Line motors, with our Grand Tour model featuring the upgraded Active Line Plus.  Both motors are ideal for city riding, surfaced roads or cycle paths so you can use them as part of your everyday life.  The Active Line Plus gives a little extra power output, offering extra assistance on moderate inclines, ideal for an elevated commute or for help on those steeper country roads and hills.

The new Motus uses a Bosch PowerPack battery which offers reliable, long lasting energy storage with ergonomic designs. These Lithium Ion batteries have an impressive life expectancy and will last at least 1,000 full charges before any noticeable battery degradation. The Motus has the 300WH PowerPack whereas the Motus Tour and Grand Tour ranges use the 400WH PowerPack; which delivers an extended range of up to 110miles on a single charge.