We know that when you're looking for an electric bike, or even just deciding whether electric bikes are something you're interested in, it can be difficult to decide which option is best for you. So if you find yourself asking 'should I buy an electric bike?' and 'what is the best electric bike?' then look no further! We've put together a selection of our best electric bike reviews directly from our customers and industry experts to help you choose.

Motus Low Step Electric Bike Review

Electric Bike Reviews - Four Stars

"If you enjoy cycling but are getting to the age when tackling hills or pedalling slightly longer distances is proving a bit more of a challenge then an E-bike could be for you."

"I was the owner of a conventional push-bike but over the last few years had seldom got it out of the shed. The thought of pedalling up even slight inclines was increasingly proving a big turn-off. So when the chance to review one of Raleigh’s new range of E-bikes came along I jumped at the chance.

The iconic bike manufacturer has a wide range of E-bikes to choose from but I went for the Raleigh Motus step-through bike (there are also cross-bar versions), powered by a Bosch battery."

"I must admit I loved the boost the bike gives you. On the few occasions, I used my push bike to pedal to work, a distance of about 8 miles, it took me more than an hour. With the E-bike it was 35 minutes."

- Yours Magazine

Raleigh Motus Low Step Electric Bike Reviews

Strada Electric

Electric Bike Reviews - 5 stars

"I was very dubious about getting an electrically-assisted bike, their price being major a stumbling block. However, I shut my eyes, swallowed deeply and took the plunge with the Strada Electric.

Wow - what a revelation.

My stomping ground is the borders of Sheffield and the Peak District so was concerned that the level of assist would be insufficient with the bike weighing in at 19kg. I have only used it on Eco assist and the speed - rather than the ease - with which I am able to climb is simply stunning. I am just as knackered as I would have been on my traditional bike but I get to destinations much more quickly and with the widest grin of pleasure imaginable. I can now confidently contemplate cross-country rides that would have been challenging on my other bike.

The bike looks great, rides beautifully, is comfortable and the option of manual or automatic gear changing is a genuine benefit, not a gimmick. I also like the enclosed rear hub gears - the mech is isolated from the UK weather. All in all, a great bike that is going to give me years of pleasure."

- Richard D.


The Guardian electric bike reviews - Raleigh stow-e-way

Bike of the Week

"Compact, portable and fully charged: Raleigh’s electric folding bike ticks numerous boxes"

"The Stow-e-way neatly ticks two boxes: it takes up very little space, and it takes much of the grunt out of cycling. Its collapsable frame, handlebars and pedals mean it folds down to just 880mm x 440mm, and will fit snugly into luggage compartments, boots or cupboards. It takes less than a minute to pop it back up."

- Martin Love, The Guardian

Electric Bike Reviews - 5 stars

Electric Bike Review

"Great bike to take on trips"

"Loved how it responds to you, faster than I expected. You can choose to use the electric component or not. The great thing about this bike is the quality, the price, and it is actually quite a good looking bike."

- Sarah

Captus Low Step Hub GearElectric Bike Reviews - 5 stars


"Everything about this bike says QUALITY. Design, features, build quality, and ride comfort. Can't think right now of anything I would change.  A genuine 50 mile range is easily achievable in Tour mode, with a mix of hills and flat in a suburban environment (South West London). I am 64 and would recommend this bike to anyone who needs to get out and about, but needs a little help now and then."

- David M.

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