Electric Bike Motor Systems

We understand the world of ebikes can be daunting, especially when it’s your first. Not only are there different models, systems and battery types to consider but of course it is a significant investment so we want to make sure we give you all of the information you need to make an informed purchase.  We have a variety of different models and systems in our portfolio, made for a wide range of different riding styles and terrains.


Electric bike types

Our electric bikes come in three different styles, each of these have their own benefits and have been chosen specifically for the design and needs of each electric bike.

Front wheel motors

  • An affordable option for all
  • Provide good levels of power for getting around town
  • Give a steady assistance when climbing hills on trails


Rear wheel motors

  • Offers better handling and traction
  • Smooth acceleration and natural feeling pull with power usage
  • Stealthier appearance, it isn't always a giveaway that you're riding an ebike as oppose to a regular push bike

Centre-mount motors

  • Provide higher levels of assistance from more powerful motors and are perfect for long and steep hills.
  • Are more sensitive to how you ride so provide the power exactly when you need it.

NEW Bosch

Featured on the Raleigh Motus, Motus Tour & Motus Grand Tour

We use new re-engineered Bosch ebike systems on our new Motus range, it offers an innovative new motor which is quiet and reliable. Combined with the new PowerPack in either 300wH or 400wh, the new Motus can get you where you need to be fast.

The Motus uses the new Bosch Active Line Motor and a 300wh PowerPack, the Motus Tour uses an Active Line Motor and 400wh Powerpack and the Motus Grand Tour uses the Active Line Plus Motor with the 400wh PowerPack.

Wherever you’re heading, an Active Line and Active Line Plus equipped Raleigh will get you there efficiently and effectively.

Intuvia Display

The sophisticated Intuvia Display offers maximum clarity and convenience with the display screen placed in the centre of the handlebars for easy readability and the control unit is safely on the left handlebar. The gear shift indicator ensures you're riding in the correct gear to optimise battery consumption to increase your bikes range and Intuvia can even charge your mobile!

Bosch PowerPack 400wh

The reliable, long lasting electric components from market leader Bosch, will provide an exceptional riding experience. The 400WH semi-integrated battery will allow you to ride for up to an impressive 110 miles on a single charge.

Active Line Plus Motor

The Active Line Plus motor makes its first appearance on a Raleigh electric bike offering an almost completely noise free experience and a higher level of pedal rate detection to improve cycling efficiency so you can get the maximum enjoyment out of your journeys. What's more, with a maximum assistance output of 270% you'll find the hills a breeze compared to a regular bike.

Max. torque: 50nm
Ensuring gentle supporting acceleration.

Motor weight: 3.2kg
Featherlight weight.

Max drive: 270%
Perfect for city trips or relaxed tours.


Featured on the Raleigh Motus and Captus

We use Bosch ebike systems on our Motus and Captus ranges, they use cutting-edge components to create the foundation of these bikes. Precise motor control and rapid processing of sensor information ensures very low levels of noise and vibration and the reliable, stable chain run has been engineered to prevents chain derailment, and reduce wear. The Bosch system is even clever enough to recognise your gear shifts, and in a split second, reduce power outputs to prevent damage to the chain and sprockets.

Wherever you’re heading, an Active Line equipped Raleigh will get you there fast, calm and collected.

Active Line Motor & Drive Unit

The powerful Bosch Drive Unit transforms any ebike into a clever everyday companion. The Active Line motor gives just the right level of support with every push of the pedals whether that is for relaxed everyday use or more power for those times when you really need a boost. Its optimized 3-sensor concept performs 1,000 highly precise measurements per second, affording optimum power tuning and a unique riding sensation providing a completely tailored output.

Active Line Power Pack

The Active Line Power Packs ensure exceptional performance, thanks to their high energy density and long life. They combine impressive mileage performance, a long lifetime and low weight with an ergonomic design and simple handling. The high-quality lithium-ion batteries are equipped with a Battery Management System, which recognizes potential sources of error and protects the cells from overload.

Intuvia Display

The Intuvia on-board computer serves as the command centre, allowing you to switch between four different riding modes; Eco, Tour, Sport & Turbo, as well as displaying information like speed, battery level, distance travelled and approximate range. Your hands remain safely on the handlebar thanks to the separate operating unit. You always have all riding data clearly in sight. You are always pedalling in the correct gear with the gear recommendation; this saves the battery and increases your range.

Max. torque: 40nm
Ensuring gentle supporting acceleration.

Motor weight: 2.9kg
The lightest Bosch motor.

Max drive: 250%
The turbo setting will get up hills easily.

Shimano Steps

Featured on the Mustang E and Strada E

Shimano are the world’s leading supplier of bicycle components; there are more bikes fitted with Shimano controls than any other brand. Shimano have taken their knowledge of cycling, gained from years of experience, and applied it to produce one of the most innovative E-bike systems available.

The key to the Shimano STEPS system is the integration of the gears, motor and controller to produce a quiet, powerful and efficient riding experience.

For our Shimano STEPS equipped Raleigh E-bikes, we have combined the STEPS motor with top of the range hub gear systems from either Shimano or SRAM dependant on the model.

Alfine Di2 electronic gears are available on some models which allow you to change the gear using buttons rather than levers for a fast, smooth and precise shift that doesn’t require readjustment.  This system also gives you the choice to set the bike to automatic shift. Based on bicycle speed and how fast you’re pedalling the Shimano STEPS system will automatically tell the Di2 hub what gear to shift into. So while you pedal, the drive unit brainstorms and, if necessary, temporarily reduces chain tension so the hub can change to the right gear.

In plain English, this means a smoother riding experience because you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’re in the right gear.

Raleigh Electric Bikes | Strada Elite Range

Shimano Motor

Smooth, silent motor packaged in a compact, lightweight design for a sleek look and supreme riding performance.
One of the lightest, most compact motors on the market.Strong yet intelligent pedalling support for a solid, natural feel.Incredibly easy to operate. Very durable to handle all weather conditions.

Shimano Battery

High quality Li-Ion battery with a very long life! Constructed to go the distance with you.
Large battery capacity to cover more territory. Supported travel up to 150 km on one charge.1,000 charge cycles with no significant power loss.

LED Screen

Sleek bar-mounted cycling computer with easy-to-read high-contrast display. Partnered with ergonomic switch unit with intuitive design.
The easy-to-read computer has every function you’ll need for a successful outing.Computer functions include speed, distance, trip time, clock, gear, estimated range, battery indication. Accurate, reliable, supple switching between all three power-assist modes regardless of weather conditions.

Max. torque: 50nm

Motor weight: 3.2kg

Max drive: 230%


Featured on the Array

This collaboration has resulted in a front motor system offering the best riding experience we have ever encountered at this price point. The custom software provides an even delivery of power meaning that the bike pulls away smoothly and without the jerky surge of rival systems.

With 5 power levels plus the boost function on a twist grip you can manage the assistance that the motor provides to maximise the range of the battery or make the ride as easy as you want it to be. The 300wh battery gives a range of up to 108km on the lowest setting or 22km on high.

This makes it ideally suited to quick commutes and trips around town or rides with the family. Plus the D-light motor is so small and quiet you’ll hardly notice it’s there until you realise how far you’ve gone with so little effort!


Featured on the Spirit, Pioneer and Strada TSE

Based in Taiwan, TranzX are at the forefront of development, creating smart solutions for E-bikes. 
At Raleigh, we use the two newest systems from TranzX; the front wheel F15 motor and mid M16 motor models. Both systems benefit from new communications technology, which ensures that the motor maximises the battery range, and will allow your local Raleigh store to set the bike up for you via a USB link.

Handle-mounted power controls are placed close to the grips, so you can easily select from the three power levels, and use the speed button to give you an extra boost for hills or when you’re late for work!

The F15 motor featured on the Raleigh Spirit and Pioneer models is a powerful, geared front wheel motor. This provides the bikes with great hill climbing assistance, and allows you to quickly pull away at junctions or traffic lights.

For the Raleigh Strada Trail Sport Electric, we use the TranzX M16 motor, as it is ideally suited to the type of riding this bike is designed for. In this instance the motor is directly connected to the cranks providing a smooth and exceptionally efficient transfer of power which is added to your pedal stroke. When combined with the Strada’s 9 speed Shimano Deore gears, the M16 motor gives you the ability to easily climb steep hills on trails and the road, as well as speeding along on the flat. The M16 system features an LCD display that shows your speed, range and the power level you are using.

TranzX inspires the modern E-bike experience with intelligent solutions felt in every push of the pedal.


Raleigh Electric Bikes | Stow-E-Way Electric Bike

Max. torque: 45nm

Motor weight: 2.5kg

Max output: 250 W

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