If you're completely clueless on electric bikes, then you've come to the right place. We've put together informational guides on everything electric. This hub will be constantly updated wsith new information on ebikes to ensure you're always informed on the updates in the electric bike market.

Ebike Buying Guide

An electric bike (also known as an e-bike) is the same as a regular bike, but with the addition of an electric motor and battery. You pedal as normal, but the electric motor gives you a boost when you need it, helping when you are getting tired or are cycling uphill.

How Do Electric Bikes Work

An electric bike at its core is a regular push bike. They just rely on extra components that work together to allow it to operate; electric motor, battery, the sensor and the electric display.

History of Electric Bikes

Electric Bike History

Electric bikes are undergoing a surge in popularity as commuters and couriers around the world embrace them as a cheaper and greener alternative to cars.  However electric bikes have been around since the Victorian era - so what's changed?

Electric Bike Batteries

Electric bike batteries

All of our electric bikes use lithium batteries which are renowned for being long lasting and efficient.   However our batteries do have small differences in terms of system types they're a part of and their sizes.

Ebike Motor Systems

With so many different types of electric bike on the market, choosing one that’s right for you can be a difficult decision. However, we are here to help give you all the information on electric bike motors you need to make choosing as simple as possible.

Electric Bike Maintenance

Taking care of an electric bike is similar to looking after a regular bike. The main difference is that you need to look after the battery by charging your bike correctly. We've put together steps to look after your new bike, keeping it in good condition.

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We've put together a bike finder tool to make your decision much easier!

Electric Bikes vs Regular Bikes

You’ve heard of electric bikes but do you know what the real difference between electric and non-electric bikes is?  We’ve covered all of the key similarities and differences between electric and non-electric bikes.

Electric Bike Running Costs

The Costs of Running an Electric Bike

If you find yourself asking 'How much does it cost to run an electric bike?' then take a read of our handy guide to help you figure out electric bike running costs so you can decide whether or not an electric bike is right for you.

Electric Bike Laws

Electric Bike Laws

Due to the motor on an electric bike, there are laws in place to ensure they're safely used on the roads. We've put together all the facts you'll need to know before purchasing your first electric bike.

Electric Bike FAQs

Electric bikes are relatively new and you may not know much about them so why not take a look at our specific electric bike FAQs? You'll find loads of helpful information and if we've not answered your question just ask us!

Electric Bike Jargon

Electric bike jargon explained

Confused by electric bike jargon? Read our ebike jargon guide to help you explore electric bikes with confidence.

Electric Bike Car Racks

Electric Bike Car Racks

Electric bike car racks need more space and must be able to carry more weight than a regular bike car rack. Don't worry if you don't know which to go for, we've helped you out!

Do electric bikes have throttles?

Do electric bikes have throttles?

The simple answer is... no. However, some electric bikes in other countries do or have previously had throttles. Read why we don't below.

Electric Bike Comparison

Our range of electric bikes has been designed for a wide range of uses, whether your commuting to work, riding to the shops or exploring on the weekend we have a bike for you.

Electric Bike Reviews

Electric bike reviews

We've put together a selection of our best electric bike reviews directly from our customers and industry experts to help you choose.

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