3rd November 2017

650b Wheels vs. 700C Wheels

The question of 650b or 700C wheels has been around for a while.  But if you’re making the choice for yourself we’ve got you covered!  We’re answering all your questions so that you can make the right choice for you.  Plus we’re covering why we’ve featured 650b in our new Adventure and Urban bike ranges.   What are 650b wheels? ‘What are 650b wheels? How are they different?” we hear you ask… Well what makes
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Autumn Explorers Bug Hunt | Raleigh Autumn Activities
Get out your magnifying glass and go exploring this half term!  If you’ve been struggling to keep your kids entertained while they’re off school why not try an autumn bug hunt?  It’s a great way to get the whole family active, get some fresh air and get out on your bikes.  But if you’re considering getting your kids a shiny new bike for Christmas, why not check out the new additions to our kids bike
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Halloween Costumes
We’re mixing things up this half term when it comes to Halloween and encouraging you to get creative with your costume.  We know it can sometimes be difficult to come up with the next great idea.  So to help out we’ve pulled together a few ideas that will mean your kids have the coolest costume.  But there’s a twist… All of our costumes include their bike. If your children have outgrown their bikes, don’t worry
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Den Building
Den building is a fun family friendly way to get your kids active this half term.  Get your bikes out and head to your local Forestry Commission location or further afield if you’re feeling adventurous!  You can tale the opportunity to teach your kids all about the natural environment and construction while you’re getting creative.  What’s more den building is a great was to break up your family bike ride.  Check out our new kid’s bike
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Pumpkin Carving
We’re getting ready for the spooky festivities this half term.  Download our simply terrifying pumpkin carving templates and get in the Halloween mood – no costume required! Keep up to date with us this week for more great activities and family fun. How to Carve your Pumpkin: Step 1: Head to your local supermarket or greengrocers to choose your pumpkin.  When selecting your pumpkin you should choose a pumpkin that feels firm and heavy for
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