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Games are a big part of a family Christmas, charades or Trivial Pursuit often get taken out the loft and everyone gets a little competitive. We’re here to help make it a little different… Raleigh Elves have been putting together a family-friendly, jam-packed Christmas quiz for everyone to join in. So choose your teams wisely and get the snacks ready, it’s time for Raleigh’s Ultimate Christmas Quiz. Take a look at our downloads below… Download the
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20th December 2017

Raleigh Christmas Sale

  The run up to the big day is almost over and it may seem like the festivities of Christmas Day are quickly passing by but wait, the festivities don’t end there. Use your Christmas money and get stuck into the Raleigh Boxing Day deals. Get yourself kitted out, ready for a new year of cycling. Our 2017 Boxing Day deals begin on 23rd December at 6pm and last until midnight 31st December, giving you
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How to wrap a bike for Christmas
You’ve successfully hidden your loved one’s new bike for the last month without a hint of suspicion; surely that’s the hard part over right? Not quite – you still have to wrap it! Anyone who has ever attempted to wrap a bike with wrapping paper deserves a medal.  It’s a task which takes a lot of time and patience, that not many of us are blessed with at 10pm on Christmas Eve! We’ve heard some
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Watching films is a fundamental part of the Christmas season, it’s the perfect relaxation after the chaos of opening presents and making sure that the dinner is out on the table at the right time. Christmas movies can get a little repetitive year after year, so we’ve combined a list of the 14 movies and TV shows that you can binge watch over the festive period – all of which have a bike playing an
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Buying Christmas presents for your loved ones can often be stressful but we’re here to help make life simpler with our gift guide.  It’s filled with our best bikes and stocking filler accessories to match! Cycling is an activity open to every generation and bikes are a great option for families to get active together.  So why not treat your loved ones to their first bike or a shiny new bike for Christmas?  We’ve got
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