Raleigh UK Kids Bikes Christmas Competition
Christmas is just around the corner and the excitement is quickly building that Santa is on his way. Writing a letter to Santa is a very important part of Christmas, so we’re challenging children across the UK to write a letter and send it to us for the chance to win a Raleigh bike! The rules are super simple, write a letter to Santa talking about why they’d love to find a bike under the
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For some (well, most), it’s too soon to talk about Christmas… for others, it’s in full swing and you may be taking your friends and family down with you. Get them into the festive spirit and take them to your local light switch on or Christmas wonderland. At Raleigh HQ, we’ve tried our best to get into the seasonal spirit by creating alternative Christmas trees – we’ve decorated our beautiful bikes. So if you don’t
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UK Government Consider Electric Bike Subsidy | Raleigh UK Blog
Recent comments from Roads Minister Jesse Norman suggest that members of the public hoping to purchase an ebike but put off by the cost may soon be considered for a government grant.  It seems Mr. Norman has come out in support of the possibility saying that an electric bike subsidy could happen; “We’ve done some work on that already, and I haven’t looked at the outcomes yet, and they might not be ready yet.  There’s
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3rd November 2017

650b Wheels vs. 700C Wheels

The question of 650b or 700C wheels has been around for a while.  But if you’re making the choice for yourself we’ve got you covered!  We’re answering all your questions so that you can make the right choice for you.  Plus we’re covering why we’ve featured 650b in our new Adventure and Urban bike ranges.   What are 650b wheels? ‘What are 650b wheels? How are they different?” we hear you ask… Well what makes
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Autumn Explorers Bug Hunt | Raleigh Autumn Activities
Get out your magnifying glass and go exploring this half term!  If you’ve been struggling to keep your kids entertained while they’re off school why not try an autumn bug hunt?  It’s a great way to get the whole family active, get some fresh air and get out on your bikes.  But if you’re considering getting your kids a shiny new bike for Christmas, why not check out the new additions to our kids bike
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