Raleigh HQ rewind time

This August our former head office became the 400,000th listed building in the UK. The Howitt building still stands in Nottingham and it will now be a permanent reminder of our heritage. So we've gone back in time!

Full speed ahead for Avril the ebike rider

Avril recently came to Raleigh HQ to test ride an ebike and we've recently been in touch with Avril's daughter to see how she's been getting on with the bike. She's certainly an inspiration to us all, take a read of what she has to say about her Strada Elite Electric.

The Financial Times – Exploring Raleigh Bikes HQ

The Financial Times recently visited Raleigh HQ in Eastwood, Nottingham as part of their ‘Factory Floor’ series. The team were shown around by Managing Director, Pippa Wibberley. Find out what happened. 

Cycling Your Way To Success | Raleigh Bikes UK Blog

20th September 2017

Cycling Your Way To Success

September marks the start of the autumn semester for university students.  On the minds of many will be the Freshers Week parties and then getting stuck into some serious study in the long term to Christmas. Being a student in 2017 is a seriously expensive business with fees, food, accommodation and spending money costing tens of thousands. Often, using public transport to get to and from lectures can cost a couple of pounds a day
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Just because summer is fast disappearing in the rear-view mirror and autumn coming into clear view, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to ditch the bike and head back to the bus or tube.  There are tons of physical, mental and environmental benefits to riding a bike, to help you do this, we’ve teamed up with The Wharf newspaper to bring you another fantastic competition to win a Raleigh bike plus accessories up to the
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family exercise tips
When you’re busy, fitting in time to exercise can be difficult, which is why exercising as a family is a great option. You’ll get to spend time together, while enjoying all the health benefits of being active. Exercise can help minimise the risk of developing many common health conditions from cancer to depression. Are you getting enough exercise? A number of studies have shown that many people in the UK aren’t getting enough exercise.  
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Woody Harrelson with the Raleigh Chopper
Slipper-clad Woody Rides the Chopper   “Oh God, I can’t look. Woody Harrelson is barrelling down a steep, gravel-covered bridge on a Raleigh Chopper. He’s daringly balanced himself, one-footed, on the bike’s frame, and his wincing publicist is averting her gaze and praying that he doesn’t horribly brain himself on her watch. Christ, he is totally gonna come off…” – JOE MADDEN, Shortlist Magazine Back in June the team at Raleigh were asked if we might
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35th Anniversary Limited Edition Team Aero Pro Burner | Raleigh UK
Recently we underwent a project to produce 350 limited edition replica Aero Pro Burner. We always knew the project would be popular with Burner fans due to the iconic nature of the bike and owning a unique piece of history, however, the response we have had has totally exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t have wished for a more successful result. A key part of the success was keeping the project as close to the original
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