Re-imagined after 35 years Re-imagined 35 years after its original release, the new and iconic Super Tuff Burner is almost ready for general sale. Finished in its famous Gold Super Chrome, the Super Tuff Burner of today looks as good as it did in the 80’s. We’re well and truly ready to see the Burner launched for general sale. There’s a lot of enthusiasts out there, and rightly so. It’s a piece of history, nostalgia
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35 years since its first release, the iconic MK1 Raleigh Super Tuff Burner is once more setting pulses racing. The big difference this time around is that it’s not just youngsters who are clamouring for the iconic BMX bike. In 2019, it’s also their parents. While the desire for the relaunched BMX classic might be the same, the reasons riders have for getting their hands on one are very different. For the younger riders, issues
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18th September 2019

Level up your ride

Level up your ride. Most of us have a chain on our bike. But now there’s another option. Now, before you think about throwing out your chain. Don’t be too hasty. There’s still a perfectly good place for the good old trusty chain. We’re just saying that there’s an alternative. Clean, strong and almost completely maintenance free, belt drive technology revolutionises your ride, so you can say hello to a hassle-free cycling experience. A belt-drive
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10th September 2019

The Ride’s the Limit

The Ride's the Limit Great news as the Cycle to Work scheme raises £1000 cap on bikes. Until recently, the Cycle to Work scheme had capped the price of a bike at £1000, ultimately excluding users wishing to commute using an electric bike. It was announced in June, that the guidance has been updated in line with general increase in bike prices over the decades and in a bid to encourage employees to switch to
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22nd August 2019

Your Questions Answered!

We reached out to you so that you could submit your burning questions and get a suitable answer. Whether it be technical e-bike questions, sizing queries or general safety queries, we've got you covered. E-bikes Q. How do Kilowatt hours relate to amp hours? A. The electrical energy in kilowatt-hours is equal to the charge in amp-hours times the voltage, then divided by 1,000. Our batteries are usually in Watt-Hours to make it a little
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