Planning Your Own E-Tour: Electric Bike Adventures Have you taken a visit to your local bike shop lately? If so, you may have partaken in a little healthy competition. Our independent dealers are in a virtual race up and down the country to claim the champion spot in the Raleigh e-tour of Britain. Our partners are battling from John O’Groats to Land’s End and each test ride equates to ten miles on a Raleigh Motus.
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7th November 2019

What is a Virtual Test Ride?

What is a Virtual Test Ride? Here at Raleigh, we have an incredible range of electric bikes. Our new Motus has been designed with you in mind, using the latest technology from market-leader Bosch to give you a premium electric experience. With different colour options in the range, the choice of hub or derailleur gearing systems plus a mixture of frame types, how do you decide on the most suitable Motus for your lifestyle? Our
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And They’re Off: The Motus E-Tour of Britain The E-tour of Britain is on. 25 Raleigh stores are competing in a race to Land’s End from John O’Groats without even going outside. What’s happening? Raleigh stores are battling it out to become champion of the first ever Motus E-Tour of Britain. Participants are racing our virtual route from John O’Groats to Land’s End with the help of their customers. Each person who visits a store
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young children on bikes

28th October 2019

Cycling with Young Children

Cycling with young children as non-pedalling passengers Even the most competent cyclists can find the prospect of taking their young child out on the bike a very daunting prospect. It’s a big step but sharing your passion for cycling can be a great bonding experience. So, how best to start cycling with your young kids while being confident that they’re safe? We’ve got some top tips and detailed advice to make it a successful, fun
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Raleigh Electric Bikes featured on episode 4 of the 2019 series of BBC’s The Apprentice. Candidates were tasked with designing and selling their own electric bikes, where the team with the fewest sales lose the task, and someone in the losing team gets fired! In this article, Technical Manager Adam casts an expert eye over the candidate’s choices and final designs, looking at what they did well, and what they could do better. Before we
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