21st January 2020

Icons Through The Ages

It’s hard to imagine a world without bicycles. Since the first one was invented over 200 years ago, technology and materials have changed drastically. But what are the iconic bikes that have influenced the design of bike you’d buy today? What Was The First Bike? You may think you know this one, but you may be surprised to learn that it wasn’t actually the Penny Farthing. But the very first bicycle was designed nearly 80
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self esteem

20th January 2020

Cycling for Mental Health

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist, a fairweather rider or a new arrival to cycling, the benefits of riding a bike extend well beyond physical benefits.  Exercise has long been linked to mental wellbeing, and activities such as cycling provide a range of benefits. Mindfulness. When you’re cycling, you have to focus on balance, momentum and very little else. The sensations of the present moment leave your mind with very little time or space for racing
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If you are looking to get fitter in 2020, then combining cycling with running might the answer. When you combine multiple sports, it is called cross-training. But what are the benefits of combining one sport with another, and particularly with cycling and running? Improves your cardiovascular health  Cycling is a great way to improve your overall fitness. With regular rides, you will become more effective and efficient at delivering oxygen around your body. This increases
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30th December 2019

How to improve your climb?

Here at Raleigh we know that climbing hills effectively can make all the difference to your overall ride. Here five tips to get you to the top: Choosing the right fuel Before you even get on your bike, it is important that you are fuelled correctly. Complex carbohydrates such as porridge, pasta and rice are great for slow releasing energy and will help to give you a boost as you ascend. Most exercise lasting less
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Plan a Family Bike Ride this Boxing Day It’s Boxing Day, you’re full of turkey and have spent the last 24 hours inside, sat on your bottom… Time to get some fresh air. This year, why not swap the traditional Boxing Day walk for a bike ride instead? A festive cycle might be just what you need to spend quality time with the family, away from the scene of Christmas Day bickering and kitchen chaos.
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