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We have road bikes to suit every cyclist: whether you ride for leisure or are a professional racer, you’re sure to find one in our range for you. We always the use the highest quality materials in all of our road bikes, which means you can ride in comfort. You’ll never have to worry about your seat making you sore, even if you ride for hours at a time!

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Mustang Comp


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Mustang Elite


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About Raleigh Road Bikes

About Raleigh Road Bikes
We’ve used our extensive experience of creating bikes for professional racing to develop an affordable range of road bikes that cater for everyone from beginners to pros.

Our road bikes offer speed and efficiency while being incredibly robust because we use the highest quality materials.

The bikes’ ergonomic frame design and excellent shock absorption makes them comfortable enough to ride for hours at a time without your arms getting tired, or your seat making you sore.

The bikes have a lightweight aluminium frame with a sleek and clean finish because the cables are routed internally. This also protects them from damage and makes them incredibly durable.

So, whether you are touring or commuting, our road bikes will give you a smooth ride along tarmac roads.