Stow-e-way's on pink
Stow-e-way's on pink

The Stow-E-Way is a bestseller and you’re missing out if you don’t have one. We’ve given it a quick refresh for 2019, with brand new colours and a few extra features - we do like to treat you.

Take a look below for everything you’ll need to know about the Stow-E-Way, then maybe go ahead and add one to your basket?


Packs quite the punch.

The Stow-E-Way range features a TransX motor system with a powerful 45nm rear wheel motor, this ebike packs quite the punch. It quickly gets you up to speed, pushing you around your weekend trail, holiday village exploration or even the daily commute.

With four levels to offer assistance you can decide how hard you want to work when you’re pedalling - you do still have to pedal though - sorry! The battery on the latest model has enough power to push you 50km and connects easily to the USB linked handle bar power controls.

Stow-e-way's on green

Outfitted with you in mind.

Fully equipped and ready for your ride, the bike offers a rear pannier rack to carry your picnic, laptop or snacks for your day out. Plus it has mudguards to keep you as clean as possible on any journey and a kickstand so you can take a break to embrace your rides views without worrying about damaging your bike by laying it down.

A great bonus to this latest edition is the automatic light system. Whenever it detects the dark evenings or gloomy mornings getting in the way of your ride the lights will gleam and you’ll be set and safe for your ride.

Stow-e-way's on pink

Compact design.

Last but not least, the most important feature of all - it folds! Not only is this a fabulous ebike that’s well equipped, it can be folded into a convenient 880mm x 800mm x 440mm so that it can easily be squeezed into your caravan or motorhome, under the stairs or in home storage - perhaps even under your desk at work.

The handlebars and pedals fold as well as the frame and click into place. With the handle you’ll simply be able to pull the bike along when you aren’t riding it.

Stow-e-way's on pink

Where can it be used?

The Stow-E-Way is incredibly versatile, it can be used for commuting, a quick ride to the shops, a holiday bike that can take you around the campsite and a weekend leisure bike as a bonus.

You can take them in your car, motorhome, caravan and on the bus, train and tram (only folding bikes can go on the tram - one of us learnt that the hard way). So it can be a companion wherever you decide to travel.

Stow-e-way's on pink


With the Stow-E-Way being so popular we realised it was finally time to give them a refresh and offer more colours so more people could enjoy them. Let’s face it the bike needs to be stylish as well as practical!

Stow-e-way's on pink


You can’t enjoy a bike ride to the fullest without accessories! They’re integral to the safety, fun and comfort of your ride so grab your bags, bells, locks and pumps to prepare for the adventure.

What do we recommend? Well, we’ve collected a few items from that are the perfect accompaniment to the Stow-E-Way. Firstly, bags. The Basil Miles Trunkbag is a great companion to the bike, it fits perfectly on the pannier rack with a capacity of 7 litres; plenty of space for you to take everything you need. Looking for added security? Bag yourself a lock.

Protect your brainbox with our fantastic range of helmets which is always growing. Add a multitool and pump to your pannier bag so you’ve got them just in case you run into trouble on your journey.

That’s it! Now you’re all set to ride.