XLC Cupid & Oberon LED Bike Lights Set



Sharing names with two of Uranus’ Moons, these XLC LED lights are a great companion for riding in low lighting conditions.

The Cupid front light comes with a 19-31.8mm adjustable mount, is fully compliant with road traffic regulations & requires zero tools to set-up. On high power mode, this light’s powerful LED lasts 8 hours, a figure which doubles when switching to power-saving mode; powered by two LR06 batteries. 

Meanwhile, the Oberon rear light uses five smaller LEDs, is also fully road safety compliant and includes an adjustable 25-31.8mm mount. Two LR03 batteries produce a battery life of up to 70 hours.


XLC Comp front light Cupid CL-F12:
  • 1 high power LED 
  • Luminosity: 32 lux
  • High power mode / energy saving mode
  • Battery life: 8 / 16 hours
  • Easy assembly requires no tools
  • Includes mount, diameter: 19 - 31.8 mm
  • Includes 4 x LR 06 (AA) batteries
  • Compliant with road traffic regulations for all bikes
XLC Comp rear light Oberon CL-R09:
  • 5 x LED lamps 
  • Luminosity: 1 lux
  • Battery life: 70 hours
  • Includes mount, diameter: 25 - 31.8 mm
  • Includes 2 x LR 03 (AAA) batteries
  • Compliant with road traffic regulations for all bikes


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