Vaude Aqua Box Light Handlebar Bag - 4L



Handy handlebar bag! The Aqua Box Light revolutionizes handlebar bag design – and saves weight wherever possible. And of course it still features all the functionality you've come to expect from a VAUDE bag – the Aqua Box Light is just as versatile as its heavier siblings from the Aqua series. Its waterproof seams feature robust welding using 2D technology, the power straps ensure super fast attachment to your bars. In addition, the roll closure is fast and easy to use and impervious to rain or weather – so your gear is sure to stay dry. The Aqua Box Light is not only perfect for bike packing adventures and demanding bike trips — it's got a shoulder strap that's perfect for commuting. As with its Aqua colleagues, the Aqua Box is also made in Germany, with eco-friendly, climate-neutral manufacturing!
Ultralight handlebar bag for bike tours
weight-reduced design, with shoulder strap
made in Germany with environmentally-friendly manufacturing


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