The drive unit

The Bosch Active Line Plus Motor offers a more agile and dynamic source of power, which is great for that little extra boost up steep hills or tracks. The motor is mounted centrally to optimise the bikes overall weight distribution and adjusts seamlessly to your riding style to provide the necessary power as and when you need it. Both Active Line motors are ideal for city riding, surfaced roads and cycle paths, making the Motus very comfortable with your everyday ride. The Active Line Plus motor makes its first appearance on a Raleigh electric bike offering an almost completely noise free experience and a higher level of pedal rate detection to improve cycling efficiency so you can get the maximum enjoyment out of your journeys.


The lightweight yet sturdy lithium ion powerpack 400WH battery on the Motus Tour and Grand Tour delivers long lasting and reliable performance which allows you to ride for up to an impressive 110 miles on a single charge depending on mode selected, rider weight and surface conditions. The battery itself can be easily removed and can also be rapidly charged to 50% in under four hours using the compact charger. The balance and weight distribution have been optimised due to the careful positioning of the battery, allowing the ride to be as smooth as possible.

The Display

Placed in the centre of the handlebars, this refined and sophisticated Bosch Intuvia display allows you to easily view the vital information while the control unit is placed safely on the left handlebar, allowing an effortless navigation through the bike's features with maximum clarity. This display features a handy gear shift indicator which lets you know the correct gear to be in at all times as well as a battery consumption indicator to ensure your range is increased. On top of this, the Intuvia system can also be used to charge your mobile phone for when you need that extra juice!

Woman sitting still on a Raleigh Motus ebike
Man resting on a motus ebike


Available in Low Step or Crossbar frames, our Motus Grand Tour model features a suspension seat post to reduce the impact of uneven terrain and adds to the comfortable feel. We’ve also added the Selle Royal Scienta; this award winning and extremely high quality saddle is widely recognised as one of the most comfortable saddles on the market.

The full system

The Motus Grand Tour is a fully equipped bike with a premium feel packed with extra features and quality components such as disk brakes for ultimate stopping performance, reflective ebike-specific tyres, a traditional bell, wheel lock for added security, adjustable handlebar stem, suspension saddle and integrated lights. You can also have the choice between hub or derailleur gearing systems dependant on your requirements. Have your pick between the Low Step or Crossbar fame designs, with various size options including a smaller 26” wheel option in either Grey or Black. There is a Motus for everyone!

Ready to go electric?

The premium and luxurious experience of a Motus ride is like no other. The high quality Bosch motor, lightweight lithium ion battery and weather-proof Deore gearing system paired with the overall comfort, ease of use and safety features allows you to make a smooth transition in to the exciting world of electric bikes. No matter your needs, the Motus adapts to suit you and aims to achieve the best ride possible, every day.