Stylish and comfy! The electric Motus models are perfect for an every day or weekly rider and range from £1,800.00 to £2,250.00. Different colours are available in the range alongside an assortment of frames and gearing systems. The Motus range consists of the entry level Motus, the Motus Tour and the Motus Grand Tour with all of these electrical bikes containing power-assisted pedalling for an easier cycle.

Both the entry level Motus and the Motus Tour feature the newly re-engineered Bosch Active Line motors, whereas the Grand Tour model contains the upgraded Active Line Plus motor. The Plus motor gives you extra assistance on mild inclines and therefore is ideal for those who experience upward climbs whilst commuting.

If you're struggling for space, then the Motus Kompact* e-bike is ideal for you! The foldable electric bike features a re-designed Active Line motor, which is 25% smaller than the earlier models. The wide selection of features listed evidences why the Motus range is perfect for the ultimate commuter.


Man and woman riding Raleigh bikes


No need to awkwardly whack everyone on the train with your full size bike, simply fold and hop on! The Stow-E-Way has been designed to fold to just 880mm x 800mm x 440mm. This enables you to easily transport the bike, whether that's into your car, on public transport or at work.

The Stow-E-Way offers 4 levels of support, enabling you to benefit from a great performance boost when taking on a challenging commute. The Stow-E-Way also certainly gets you up to speed featuring a TransX motor system.

The compact e-bike is fully equipped with a rear pannier rack, mudguards and a kickstand. The Stow-E-Way is therefore highly impressive with its adaptability and performance power, ideal for those city commuters who can fold away their bike once reaching the office. The electric bike is both practical and stylish, with a choice of colours available.

Picture of a Raleigh Stoweway ebike model


The Array e-bike range provides affordable entry-level electric bikes for those first-time buyers. The impressive new and improved Array electric range now features new colourways, an 400wh enhanced battery and different frames and gearing options. The Array e-bike is also highly useful offering an easily removable battery, allowing you to transport it into the house to charge before your next ride. The sleek Array range is therefore ideal for your first electric operated bike and is perfect if you’re commuting to work or going for a leisurely ride.

Picture of a Raleigh Array ebike model

Strada Electric

The Strada Elite Electric* bike is equipped with everything an urban commuter needs. It features a new lightweight aluminium frame design and modified geometry such as a reduced wheelbase and advanced 650B tyres. The stylish e-bike is available in a choice of colours and has been fitted with a Selle Royal gel saddle to add comfort to your journey.

To enable an easy and smooth stop, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes have been incorporated. The flexible Strada model includes a lightweight carbon fork and a powerful 50NM centre mount motor, providing a high level of balance and enabling you to conquer those hills quickly. This lightweight electric bike is therefore ideal if you commute long distances on several terrains.


Picture of a Strada Electric ebike model


Are you wanting a subtle, discreet and stylish electric bike? Then the Centros range is for you! The all-new Centros are our most technologically advanced electric bikes to date, featuring a fully integrated 500WH battery from Bosch, an innovative new carbon drive, hydraulic disk brakes for powerful stoppage and the luxury of an assistance mode for extra support.

The selection of Centros e-bikes available include the Centros Tour and Centros Grand Tour- which is belt driven, alongside a choice of frames. The Centros range has been designed to ensure commuters experience an easier journey, together with a quality ride.

Picture of a Raleigh Centros ebike model