Cycling Makes Sense

A lot of universities are quite compact, so the need for a car isn’t always necessary and some inner city bus services are a little shoddy or just expensive on a student budget. So we’ve got the ideal solution for you – invest in a bike. It doesn’t have to be fancy; though we think all our bikes look pretty darn good, it just has to be functional for what you need. This means you don’t need to spend an absolute fortune on an all singing, all dancing bike. We have some bikes that are ideal for students, but first let’s go into why you really should be using a bike at university.

Money Saver

Save yourself a bit of money, how you spend that spare money is up to you; be it alcohol, shopping, food or maybe some books? Instead of paying for petrol or an unnecessary bus pass, invest in a bike, it’ll be much more worth your while and your student loan.

Time Saver

When you’re in a car or on a bus you are likely to get stuck in traffic or if you’re at a rural uni… a tractor. When you’re cycling the only traffic you’ll need to battle is yourself! Plus grabbing your bike is much more effective when you’re running late for a lecture or meeting.

Easier To Park

Most places and university campuses have places to lock up your bike. You may need a permit but they aren’t going to be quite as pricey as a car parking permit and you’re unlikely going to have to fight for a space in the morning.

No need for the gym – if you’re a gym fanatic and spin class lovely but can’t afford a membership on your student loan, then do not panic. You can treat your daily bike rides as a spin class and you are limited to the gym times.

Daily Exercise

When your parents ask you if you’ve been getting enough exercise and keeping yourself healthy whilst you’ve been away, they’ll be no need to lie to them. You have been exercising on your panicked cycles to your 9am lectures – the adrenaline rush alone will burn plenty of calories.

Eco Warrior

Save the planet by using a bike. No fumes are let off from a bike and you’ll be adding nothing into the atmosphere when you cycle!

Do you ride your bike around uni? Let us know on our social media channels how you use your bike around campus and why you’d recommend it to new and existing students.

So which bikes are best for you? Well we have a wide range of bikes starting from £400. If you’re going for a classic look then we have the our Sherwood and Willow models. These are a traditional style bike that look great with a basket on the front and the Willow features a pannier rack to carry your bikes.

If you’re looking for a sportier, urban city look then our Strada range is for you. With vibrant colours and a geometry designed for speed, the Strada can get you round uni quickly and efficiently.

If you need a bike that can offer you a ride for the weekend too – try our Pioneer range. These are vintage yet modern style bikes that are great on and off road. It’s a great all-rounder bike, which is currently in our sale. Take a look at our full range of bikes online.

We have student discount available to all UNIDAYS users, take a look on our offers page to find out how you can redeem your 10% off all bikes.