Top Tips for
Cycling at University

So you’ve bought yourself a bike for university and it’s become your new main mode of transport to navigate the campus – but do you know how to make the most of it? We’ve got some top tips for cycling at university.

Take It Easy

Slow down around campus as you’re sharing it with other cyclists, pedestrians and cars. Be sure you give away to the appropriate people and respect the other people on campus. If you don’t it may mean that people complain and cycling becomes an issue at university, this could potentially ruin it for a lot of people.

Make Friends

Bike together with others that have a bike. You can cycle to lectures together and around campus, getting yourself more exercise too. You could perhaps join a cycling club at the university which will allow you to improve your cycling whilst making more friends.

Keep It Locked Up

Always lock your bike when you aren’t using it, whether you’re just in the flat or you’re at your lecture. Most universities will have dedicated areas across campus where you’re able to lock up your bike.

Don't Drink and Ride

Don’t drink and ride on a night out… or in the day, however you roll. We know many students like to enjoy a good night and that’s fine but don’t get on your bike! It’s dangerous, not just for you but all of those around you. Perhaps hide the lock key from your drunk self so that you don’t get tempted to go for a 5am ride.

Plan Your Parking

Plan your parking at the campus and places you frequently visit on your bike. There are often parking spots and areas for bikes and they’re going to fill up fast! So pick your regular spot and get there early so you know you’ll be able to park up your bike.

Always Be Seen

Always be visible whilst cycling around the campus and inner cities especially at night time. Wear high visibility clothing and ensure you have lights on the front and back of your bike, this will mean cars and people can see you at all times.

Plan Your Routes

Get to know the routes to campus so you can get to your classes on time. You might find a sneaky route that cuts corners and gets you there quicker, so if you know you’re going to be late, you’ll have a secret trail to get you there on time.

Do you have any more tips for fellow students cycling around campus? Let us know on our social media channels.