According to a study by Santander, the average student spends £485 on travelling to and from university every year. This study found that students living off-campus travelled just over nine miles each way, meaning a clever choice of transport could save loads of time and money.


The first factor to consider is how long each could take. Cyclists can avoid traffic by taking cycle lanes and alternative routes to skip round jams and shave precious minutes off the journey, giving you more time to sleep! If you’re looking for a speedy commute why not take a peek at our Strada Range, designed for speed and agility.


In and around most university campuses there are normally lots of buses, however, they have fixed routes and timetables meaning you could be waiting at a bus stop going nowhere instead of jumping on your bike and getting a head start. With a bike, you’re free to go where you want to whenever you want and it’s a door-to-door solution. Don’t forget to make sure you’re kitted out with some lights and reflective clothing for riding at night though!


A term-long bus pass in Manchester costs £115 with the equivalent in London costing £160. The cost of buying a bike such as the Raleigh Willow or the Pioneer ranges between £350 - 500, potentially saving you £1,000 or more over your 3-year course.


Here the bike wins hands down giving you the opportunity to get some fresh air and a work out whilst travelling. Did you know, that exercise has proven benefits to both mood and concentration, meaning your commute could even help towards a first class honours degree; WINNER!

Beating Freshers Flu

Ok, so this one is pretty similar to the point above… but it still should be highlighted! Exercise may be the last thing on your mind during freshers, but cycling is a brilliant way to give your immune system a kick start!

Bags, Books & Laptops

The trip to lectures and back is often accompanied by a bag full of books and a laptop. Here, the bus definitely helps by moving you and the bags without having to carry them. Bikes also have great ways to carry these heavier items with baskets and pannier racks providing ample space, you can check out our range of bike bags here.


Cycling in the rain isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, however neither is being stuck on a damp and crowded bus. We know which one we’d prefer.


Climate change, noise pollution and household emissions are all terms associated with cars and buses, yet none relate to bicycles. Riding a bike instead of driving or getting the bus can help combat all those things as well as helping to save entire forests! Far less rubber is involved in making bikes and their tires, which prevents the clearing of forests for rubber plantations.

All in all we think it’s a no brainer! Bikes are good for you, good for the environment and good for your pocket – so what’s not to love? Not that we’re biased or anything…