You’ve tried biking, now try Hoppa-ing. It’s like biking, except much cruisier. The Hoppa is the chillest ride you’ll ever find. Perfect for trips to the beach, scouting out finds at your local vintage shop, or meeting your favorites for a weekend brunch.

We’re confident that this is the most easy-going ride you’ll ever come across. The Hoppa has been designed for the cruisers, daydreamers, and those captivated by the spirit of carefree adventure. Head out for a spin and see where the mood takes you. Hop on, hop off and get ready to fall in love with the journey, not just the destination.

Man on Raleigh Hoppa

You’ll not find a drop of lycra on a Hoppa rider. That’s not what the Hoppa ethos is all about. The Hoppa comes with three easy-to-use gears, a low-maintenance build, and a light, compact frame. The relaxed, upright riding position means you can relax and soak up the scenery (or do a cheeky bit of window shopping) as you cruise about.

Life with the Hoppa is easy, in fact, the only difficult bit is choosing between our three gorgeous colours. Not only is the Hoppa fun to ride, but it’s also utterly photogenic. Happy cruising, we’ll see you on the Gram.

Woman sat in front of a Hoppa