AXA Newton U Mini Bike Lock & Cable



The AXA Newton Mini is a hardened steel U-lock with a modern design and is supplied in combination with a cable with 2 cable eyes.

This combination of U-lock and cable is very suitable for use with bikes and light motorised vehicles. With a length of 100 cm, the cable provides extra room for movement when attaching your cycle to a fixed object (e.g. a lamppost).

The Mini U-lock features a dust cover that protects your cylinder against moisture and dust.  

The cable with 2 cable eyes has a flexible plastic sleeve so that the paintwork on your bike is not damaged during use.

The accompanying holder is easy to attach to the frame and ensures safe transport. 

Safety description 

  • Safety level 8
  • Cylinder protected against drilling

Comfort description 

  • Cylinder is protected against moisture and dirt
  • Including frame holder

Technical description 

  • Length U-lock 150 mm
  • Diameter shackle 14 mm
  • Length cable 100 cm
  • Diameter cable 8 mm


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