How Electric Bikes Work

Anyone looking for a little help with the hills and inclines on their route, or just some gentle power assistance, can call on a Raleigh electric bike.

The ebike (electric bike) experience has made the world of cycling much more inclusive for people of all ages. Cleverly engineered ebikes are perfect for taking the strain out of shopping trips or days out in the countryside.

In many European countries, ebikes have a firm following (especially with the over 50s) but Britain hadn’t embraced the e-bike revolution until around 10 years ago.

The 21 models in the Raleigh ebikes collection are designed to suit slightly different lifestyle choices and price points but all offer the sense of freedom and independence that only an ebike can bring!

Today’s ebikes, provide a comfortable ride with miles and miles of reliable power assistance. Clever, intuitive technology allows ebikes to know how much effort you are putting in, meaning they can provide precisely the right amount of assistance.

Ebikes are perfect for all riders and can be used for all manner of things, from mountain biking, commuting, leisure cycling and family rides, and will assist you up to the legal limit of 15mph. They are classed as a standard bicycle so no licence, insurance or MOT needed, allowing you to get straight on and discover your electric smile!

Raleigh use the best systems to fit your riding style and your budget:

Front wheel motors:

  • are affordable
  • provide good  levels of power for getting around town
  • give a steady assistance when climbing hills

Centre mount motors:

  • Provide higher levels of assistance from more powerful motors and are perfect for long and steep hills.
  • Are more sensitive to how you ride so provide the power exactly when you need it.
  • Use the gears of the bike to extend the range of the battery so you can ride further.
  • Batteries
  • All Raleigh ebikes come with rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. Usually measured in watt hours this indicates how much energy can be stored I the battery. The higher the number the further you can go.

The Raleigh e-bike range comes in a range of sizes, as small as 26 inch wheeled bikes for those smaller riders, as well as a lifetime guarantee as standard for the frame and forks. Don’t forget you can also get your bike delivered into a Raleigh select dealer and they will build and set up your bike for you!