XLC Sundance & Cassidy III D-Lock - 115x29.5cm

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This security level 8 D-lock will help protect your ride from would-be thieves whilst locked up at the office, gym, school or wherever. Made from hardened steel, a rubber coating gives this lock a more tactile, comfortable feel. A rotatable dust protector ensures your lock stays free of dirt and continues to function as it should, even when exposed to winter conditions. What’s more is the lock cylinder features added protection against drilling and picking, so you can lock up your bike, safe in the knowledge it will be there upon your return.

Always losing your keys? Don’t worry, you’ll receive five of them with this lock – four standard & one LED unit for when you’re locking up in the dark.


  • Security level 
  • 1 LED and 4 standard keys
  • 115x29.5cm dimensions
  • Alternative size available: 115x23cm


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