XLC Gamma Track Bike Floor Pump

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This workshop grade floor pump from XLC will provide quick and easy inflation of road and MTB tyres alike. A clear & large (3.5”) pressure gauge which displays both psi & bar means you’ll be able to pump tyres to precisely the right pressure. The durable, 75cm steel pump body is mounted onto a robust plastic pedestal.

A dual pumphead sits at the end of an 80cm hose, allowing you to switch easily between the two valve types with no hassle at all. Once you’ve finished with the pump, simply loop the hose over the top of the handle and use the guide clip to hold the hose in place for storage. 

Getting the pressure right is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience on your bike, be that 100psi before hitting the road, or 40psi in MTB tyres for safe passage over technical trails. The XLC floor track pump will meet both needs and more! 

  • Presta Valve or Schrader Valve dual-head
  • 3.5” pressure gauge
  • 80cm hose with guide clip on main frame
  • Comfortable, ergonomic hand grips
  • Pumps up to 11 bar (~159psi)


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