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Which electric bike is the one for you?

Our range of electric bikes has been designed for a wide range of uses, whether you're commuting to work, riding to the shops or exploring on the weekend we have a bike for you.

Looking For Style & Comfort

Motus Range

If you're looking for a stylish range of electric bikes for everyday use then look no further than our Motus range of bikes. Starting at £1,650 the Motus range has a 300 or 400wh battery designed to take you up to 110 miles on a single charge. The range comes equipped with an integrated light and lock on the Tour and Grand Tour models so you have everything you need to start your adventure. Click here to fall in love with the Motus.

Who is the Motus for? 

The Motus is for every day or weekly rider who wants a multipurpose stylish electric bike made with cutting-edge components.


Motus Tour

Motus Grand Tour


The Array is designed as an affordable entry-level electric bike that doesn't compromise on performance. Coming in both a hub gear and derailleur options and a 300wh battery it is designed with a great look in mind for use around the town or on leisure rides. The Array uses a front wheel motor and has a range of up to 67 miles between charges ideal for your first electric bike. Coming in two colour options and crossbar or low step frame types the Array is designed for every rider that is new to electric looking for that extra bit of assistance.

Who is the Array for?

The Array is designed as an introduction to electric bikes, if your looking for that extra bit of assistance on your rides then look no further than the Array.

Looking For Performance

Mustang Comp Electric

The Mustang Comp Electric is the perfect electric bike for all-terrain performance riding. The state of the art star of the Raleigh adventure range has gone electric and is perfect for the cyclist that enjoys a bit of everything but wants to maintain speed and performance.

The Mustang Comp Electric is a hybrid bike built for speed & agility that offers a more relaxed riding position to a traditional road bike without compromising on the speed. A carbon fork has been fitted to ensure the bike remains as lightweight as possible with the 650b wheels being perfect for trails and paths. The 400wh battery boasts a 77-mile range between charges so its perfect for long rides.

Who is the Mustang for?

The Mustang is perfect for riders wanting that extra performance boost whilst not compromising on speed and agility. The tyres make it a perfect multi-use bike for most terrains weighing an impressive 18.5kg.

Perfect For Commuting


When a full size bike takes up too much room the Stow-e-way has been designed to provide the performance boost of an electric bike whilst folding down to just 880mm x 800mm x 440mm perfect for commuting in the city, taking it on the train or bus or folding it up in a car for the last leg of the journey. The 4 levels of support provide you with the perfect performance boost to tackle the commute and arrive at work ready to take on the day.

Who is the Stow-E-Way for?

The Stow-E-Way is perfect for commuters using public transport or needs to easily store their bike in the office.

Strada Electric Range

The Strada electric range is perfect for the Urban commute whilst still providing the power and performance of an electric bike. The Strada Electric range takes our urban range of Strada bikes and applies a 400wh semi integrated battery to provide a streamlined, high-performance electric bike that can go up to 78 miles between charges. The Strada range weighs just 19.5kg so are perfect for commuting long distances and with 650b tyres are great on many surfaces.

Who is the Strada Electric range for?

The Strada E range is perfect for commuting long distance on many terrains with a lightweight frame that doesn't compromise on performance.

Looking For A Weekend Escape

The Motus Range

Whilst the Motus range provides great style and comfort it is also great for a weekend escape. The range comes with both crossbar and low step frames so is perfect for any rider and also includes 26" wheel sizes which is great for riders who want a smaller frame type.

Who is the Motus range for?

The Motus range has all of the features for a couple looking for a weekend leisure adventure.

Looking For A Weekend Escape

The Stow-E-Way Range

The Stow-e-way is perfect for a weekend escape due to its compacted folded size. If you're looking to escape on a camping holiday and want to explore the local area in comfort look no further than the Stow-e-way as the perfect companion to take with you in the car.

Who is the Stow-E-Way for?

The Stow-E-Way is perfect if you're looking to escape, its easy to store while you're away and gives you a great opportunity to further explore.


Still Not Sure?

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