Electric bikes are incredibly useful and great fun! Also known as ebikes, they'll help you tackle hills or commute to work without working up a sweat, making them incredibly practical and taking some pressure off.

Ebikes are perfect for those looking for some help going the distance, or an extra lap of the trail centre. Whether you are just starting commuting to work or enjoying retirement, modern ebikes make cycling inclusive!

We are a market leader in ebikes and our relationship with our global partners allows us share new technologies and innovations, ensuring we stay ahead of the competition and provide you with superior quality and the very latest technology advancements.

We understand the world of ebikes can be quite daunting, especially when purchasing your first, so we’ve broken down some of the key considerations:

Visit a store

We’d always recommend visiting a store and test riding before you buy, you can’t get a real feel for an electric bike by watching videos or reading information online.  At our Raleigh select dealers, you can test ride for free, which will allow you to try a variety of models and talk to the store assistant who can answer all your questions.

Type of bike

Do you want a cruiser bike (for quick trips and short distances), mountain bike or hybrid bike (a halfway model between mountain and road bikes). Think about what you’ll be using it for and ensure you pick a model which suits your needs.

The System

Raleigh ebikes come with two different systems; front wheel motors and centre mount motors:

1. Front wheel motors:

  • are affordable
  • provide good  levels of power for getting around town
  • give a steady assistance when climbing hills

2. Centre mount motors:

  • Provide higher levels of assistance from more powerful motors and are perfect for long and steep hills.
  • Are more sensitive to how you ride so provide the power exactly when you need it.
  • Use the gears of the bike to extend the range of the battery so you can ride further.
  • Batteries
  • All Raleigh ebikes come with rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. Usually measured in watt hours this indicates how much energy can be stored I the battery. The higher the number the further you can go

Power needed

Your choice of bike and (particularly) battery type largely depends on just how far you want to go between charges and what kind of work the motor will have to do en route. If you're only going a few hundred metres each day around a flat, well-kept road system, then even the smallest bike batteries will probably suffice. If you intend doing 25 miles a day, with some steep inclines thrown in, then you'll need premium battery power.


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