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Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are increasingly popular thanks to advances in technology which have made them a pleasure to ride. Their power-assisted pedalling makes it easier to cycle for longer and tackle hills without slowing down. So, you’ll feel safer on busy roads. Electric bikes are also ideal for commuting because you won’t arrive at work all sweaty! To exercise on your electric bike, simply adjust the power-assisted pedalling.

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Electric Bikes FAQs

Why should I buy an Electric Bike?

There are many misunderstandings surrounding electric bikes, but they offer lots of benefits. One major misconception is that riding an ebike is “cheating”, but that just isn’t true. If anything, it encourages you to do more exercise, as the pedal-assist enables you to cycle for longer.

The pedal-assist only kicks in when you’re pedalling, which means you have to do some of the work! But the extra help is great for journeys like the morning commute…. no one wants to turn up hot and sweaty at the office!

The other great thing about electric bikes is that they offer the best of both worlds when comparing them to standard bikes and cars. Whilst the pedal-assist will help you out with distance cycling, ebikes are environmentally friendly, and you won’t have to worry about being stuck in traffic.

Do I have to pedal?

Yes you do! Our bikes are pedal-assist, which means that the power only kicks in as you start to pedal. Our ebikes will pick up on the amount of pressure you’re putting into your pedalling, distributing power accordingly.

What will happen when I stop pedalling?

As soon as you stop pedalling, the pedal-assist turns off and you start freewheeling – just like you would on a traditional bike.

Am I able to go faster than the 15mph legal limit?

15mph is basically the speed at which the power-assist turns off. That doesn’t mean you can’t go faster than 15mph… it all depends on how fast you can pedal!

Do I need to have a licence?

You don’t need a licence, just like you don’t need any insurance or MOT tests, because electric bikes are classed as standard bikes.

How long will it take to charge the battery?

It depends on what type of battery you opt for, as we offer standard bike batteries and premium ones.

We’d recommend charging your battery for around five hours to get it fully charged. How long it will last then depends on how fast you ride, and how much pedal-assist you use.

Our 300wh battery will enable you to cycle between 22 – 108km on a single charge depending on how much assistance you need.

Can I ride an electric bike in the rain?

Our bikes have been designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, so yes you can ride your ebike in the rain!

Can I use a pressure washer on my electric bike?

No, you can’t jet-wash your bike, and this goes for electric bikes as well as standard bikes. The reason for this, is that jet-washing will force water into the bearings, resulting in premature wear.

About Raleigh Electric Bikes

About Raleigh Electric Bikes
Want a bike that can help you go that extra mile? Our electric bikes have power-assisted pedaling that makes it easier to cycle for longer and tackle hills without slowing down. So, you’ll feel safer on busy roads and if you cycle to work, you won’t have to arrive all sweaty!

And for those days when you fancy getting more of a workout, you can simply adjust the level of assistance.

These features make our electric bikes an incredibly versatile option, so you can get plenty of use from them. They are ideal for commuting, or going on leisurely weekend rides.

They are also an eco-friendly way to travel and our entry level bikes are priced so you can experience all they have to offer without breaking the bank.