Study The Classics

A classic’s a classic for a reason, it’s stood the test of time and still holds up amongst its modern counterparts. That’s exactly what our Willow and Sherwood bikes represent. Timeless sophistication and endless style.

A traditional frame shape complements dreamy retro detailing with a comfy Selle Royal saddle, soft grips and traditional ‘ding-dong’ bell. Now, we get it, these bikes are just asking you to ride in your best outfits, thankfully colour-coordinated mudguards will keep you clean and dry even in the most British of weather. So, all you need to worry about is what’s going in that basket first.

Write your own cycling story on a Raleigh Classic, available now at Raleigh partner stores and online. Whether it be an adventure or fantasy, there’s sure to be romance as you fall in love with your stylish new set of wheels.

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