Stride Maxi Cosi Car Seat Bracket



This Maxi Cosi Car Seat bracket from Steco allows you to safely and easily take your baby with you on e-cargo adventures. The Car Seat bracet is mounted in the box such that your child can look at you, creating a more enjoyable ride experience for both you and your little one.
  • Recommended for use with infants at least 3 months old
  • Suitable for virtually every type of maxi cosi
  • In-built suspension
  • Look at your child whilst riding
  • Compatible with Maxi Cosi carriers and carriers of many other brands that fit the “Maxi Cosi”- mount piece.
  • Both the Stride 2 and Stride 3 can accommodate one Car Seat carrier in combination with one bench. It is not possible to combine the Car Seat Carrier with a Baby and/or Toddler Seat, though.
Compatible with Stride 2 & 3


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