Men's Electric Bikes

Take your ride to the next level with our range of men’s electric bikes. Engineered with a feather-light Bosch motor, our high-tech bikes boost your pedal power and keep you going for longer. Whether you’re looking to ditch the gridlock on your morning commute or hit the trails on the weekends, these powerful bikes are ready for anything.

Every men’s e-bike includes a handlebar-handy display unit, giving you eyes on everything you need to know about your ride – including how far you’ve travelled and how long your current charge will last. Looking for more of a workout? Simply tone down the pedal assistance and let your legs do the work. Whatever your mood, whatever your energy levels, these bikes are sweat optional.

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To get you you up to speed on electric bikes we've a whole electric bike knowledge section with may articles explaining the technology in an e-bike, how to maintain them as well reviews by our customers. We also have many cycling advice articles for inspiration and ideas for things to do and the benefits of being on two wheels.