Most of us have a chain on our bike. But now there’s another option.

Now, before you think about throwing out your chain. Don’t be too hasty. There’s still a perfectly good place for the good old trusty chain. We’re just saying that there’s an alternative.

Clean, strong and almost completely maintenance free, belt drive technology revolutionises your ride, so you can say hello to a hassle-free cycling experience.

A belt-drive uses an inseparable toothed belt, made from synthetic materials such as polyurethane and carbon fibre. Improved durability and low upkeep are reasons why this technology is growing in popularity. Carbon belts don’t need to be oiled like a traditional chain and a spray of water is all that is required to keep the system running smoothly and virtually silent.

Belt drives are extremely durable and typically last twice as long as a tradition chain, making them a great investment. Due to no oil needed, you can ride safe in the knowledge that you will not have stains from the chain on your trousers, nor worry about rust if your bike is left out in the rain.

Compatible with internally geared or single speed bikes, belt drives are ideal for electric and commuter bikes. Due to the low maintenance and high reliability offered by a belt drive, more riders are adopting this system for all riding styles. The design of a belt drive eliminates potential misalignment issues thanks to a spine through the sprocket teeth and a groove through the middle to keep the belt on track.

Here at Raleigh, we believe there is place for both. After all, variety is the spice of life, or so they say.

We have chosen to use the belt-drive system on our Centros Grand Tour.

The all-new Centros Grand Tour is our most technologically advanced electric bike to date, combining effortless power and timeless style to create a bike which is efficient, sophisticated and intuitive.