"I treated myself to the bike last year. It is fantastic, I love everything about it from the brakes to the cycle lock and of course the power. It has made biking a pleasure once again. Highly recommend it"

Lorraine B. - Verified Buyer

It’s no wonder Lorraine treated herself! With the Motus coming in three different variations with slightly different aesthetics, we are sure that everyone will find the Motus for them and never look back.

'Design, attention to detail and performance of this bike are all first-rate. I couldn't fault it and I am looking forward to enjoying it for many years to come - and it has the potential to outlay me!'

Alan G. - Verified Buyer

With Raleigh, you can always expect quality and with the Motus, we have paired up with market leader for electronics; Bosch. We don’t cut corners when it comes to quality and with names you can trust, you can feel safe that your new eBike is of high quality and will remain at that standard for years to come. Alan’s review is one of many that highlight the quality and premium feel of the Motus.

'Purchased this for my wife without her knowledge, brave or stupid? After a couple of rides she is smitten. The assistance from the motor makes a huge amount of difference as to whether we ride out or not. Top marks to Raleigh for the product and their after sales customer advice'.

Neal M. - Verified Buyer

Neal's risky move turned out to be a success in this review below and we are not surprised! At Raleigh, we pride ourselves on finding the right bike for the right person and with the Motus range providing versatility without compromising on performance and comfort, we know that giving the gift of Motus is always a winner.

'As I'm swiftly approaching 80 years old, I decided that I needed a little assistance whilst cycling throgh the country roads of Sussex, which are very hilly in parts. The Raleigh Motus Tour Low Step meets all my requirements. My only regret is that I didn't buy one sooner!'

Terry B. - Verified Buyer

We’re glad Terry finally took the plunge and stepped into the future of cycling, it’s never too late! We truly believe in the versatility of the range and we know that, although the technology used is very advanced, the ease of use is certainly not compromised. The Bosch drive unit is finely tuned to give you the best performance possible and re-ignite your love for cycling.

'I am so pleased with my Motus! This bike looks really good and is a really comfortable ride on bumpy pot-holed country lanes. But most importantly for me is that hills are now so easy! Put it into sport or turbo mode and I am powering up those hills. This bike is brilliant!'

The Motus' luxurious feel and premium levels of comfort allow even the most challenging of roads and trails to feel like a breeze. We're glad you love it, Karen!

'Cycling is fun again!! Just took my bike out for a its first outing - a ride to the gym involving two hills in each direction! Wow - what a joy to turn on the power going up those hills and arrive at the gym far from breathless'.

Sally C. - Verified Buyer

We're very jealous of Sally, It's early days for her love affair with her Motus and we know how much enjoyment she is going to get from it for years to come.

We know how important choosing the right bike is, especially if this is your first step into the world of eBikes so we want you to be absolutely sure that the Motus is right for you. Check out even more reviews below and if you need a little more convincing head over to see the Motus

A customer review of the Raleigh Motus