It's mainly down to the laws and regulations on electric bikes that mean we are unable to sell ebikes with throttles. In the UK, bikes with throttles are classed as a motorbike and you will need to get a licence, register the bike and tax it. This is why we just produce EAPC bikes so that you can ride them just like a regular push bike and not worry about a thing.

On our Array range of ebikes, we do have a "walk assist" feature allowing you to push the ebike with the power of up to 3mph. This gives you a little extra help up hills and ramps.

What are twist & go ebikes?

Twist & go electric bikes have a throttle and you do not need to pedal the bike to move. These are no longer classed as ebikes, in accordance with most recent laws.

Want to learn more about electric bike laws?

To help keep you informed and legal on your electric bike we've written an article with everything you need about electric bike laws in Ireland. If you'd like to know any more information, please do get in touch on our live chat function or ask a dealer in your local store.