Cycling Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

Cycling is a great way to improve your overall fitness. With regular rides, you will become more effective and efficient at delivering oxygen around your body. This increases your fitness and means that you will have more energy to tackle a short run. If you are a beginner to running, try and take part in your local Parkrun which is an organised, free and weekly 5km run.

Cycling Builds Your Strength

It’s pretty obvious that cycling uses different muscles to running. When you cycle you mainly use your glutes and quads whereas running mainly uses quads, hamstrings and calf muscles. Using these different muscles will strengthen your legs which will lead to a better overall performance when you go for a run. To build up your muscles when you cycle, force yourself to ride up hills.

If you are new to cycling or want to get back into it, our electric bikes are perfect. An electric bike at its core is a regular push bike. They just rely on extra components that work together to allow it to operate; electric motor, battery, the sensor and the electric display. All our electric bikes use pedal assist, so the rider still gets a workout, but with an added boost to make their ride easier.

It Reduces Repetitiveness and Injury

Whilst cycling is a great way to exercise, taking part in just one sport can sometimes feel a bit repetitive. Running is a great way to mix up your routine, whilst improving your fitness at the same time.

Cross-training using multiple sports is a great way to reduce injury as well. By using different muscles, you reduce the amount of impact your muscle and joints absorb. Therefore, decreasing your risk of injury.

Cycling Helps With Recovery

Mixing up different sports in your work-out, will help you with recovery if you are injured. By using different muscles it will help your body to recover from any injury whilst still keeping fit and active. If you are training whilst in recovery, make sure that you don’t push yourself too hard. Going for a slow run or ride is the best way to limit any further damage.

We hope this has encouraged you to try running alongside your regular cycle routine. Best of all, running is free, requires no equipment and you can still take part in groups. So, grab a cycling buddy and try another way to get your cardio fix!