Cargo Bike Baby Head Support



Looking to take your little one out on electric-powered adventures? We highly recommend getting your hands on one of these specifically designed head supports & accompanying body support (sold separately). This support attaches to the Melia baby seat & helps protect your littles passenger’s head & neck when riding over any unforeseen lumps & bumps on your journeys! It does this by holding the neck & head in a more stable position, absorbing unexpected movements.
Using this head support & associated body support will make the Melia baby seat suitable for most infants two months old or more. You’ll be glad to hear it’s made from durable, breathable & water-resistant materials, meaning you’re covered in the event of any spillages or accidents!
The support is of course detachable for cleaning or when your child no longer requires the extra support & is compatible with both Stride models.
  • Provides extra support for the head & neck
  • Breathable and water-resistant material
  • Detachable
  • Compatible with Stride 2 & 3


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