Quality Assured

Raleigh quality inspections

We’re incredibly proud of our heritage and all that our brand name and badge represents. We’re so dedicated to ensuring our legacy continues that we have an on-site quality compliance workshop that purely focuses on ensuring everything that leaves our distribution centre is fit for purpose, of the highest quality and is safe. All our bicycle mechanics are qualified to the highest industry standard and have many years of industry experience.

At Raleigh, we pride ourselves with not only the production quality of our bicycles, but the care we take in our quality inspections so our customers receive a bicycle that not only looks great and rides great, but is 100% safe.

Our inspection begins with unpacking the bicycle with extreme care and then we check the condition and alignment of the frame. Handlebar torques are examined and we then make sure the headset has no play but is free in rotation.

The wheels are checked and the tyres correctly inflated to the right specification and then we move on to the most important areas, the brakes and gears. We ensure the brakes are adjusted and the gear position is correct with the right torque settings. All brackets are checked as well as chain sets to ensure they run true and cranks are adjusted to suit the torque settings.

All the relevant areas that require lubrication are seen to along with the rear derailleur torques and the end stop adjusted if required.

Raleigh Ebikes face increased checks. Alongside all of the above, we check the battery is in great working condition and is supplied with the correct keys. The motor is checked to ensure it is activating in accordance with the manufacturer specification.

Accessories are fitted and we ensure all cables are correctly situated to avoid any issues. Our workshop then test ride all bicycles and the inspection sheet is placed in the carton to quantify the checks have been carried out. The bike is carefully placed back in the carton with all relevant packing materials to ensure no damage occurs during transportation.