Q. How do Kilowatt hours relate to amp hours?

A. The electrical energy in kilowatt-hours is equal to the charge in amp-hours times the voltage, then divided by 1,000. Our batteries are usually in Watt-Hours to make it a little easier.

Q. What are the cheapest e-bikes?

A. Here at Raleigh, all our electric bikes are always built with high quality in mind, this is reflected in the price. However, you can look at a purchase of a Raleigh e-bike as a great investment over a long period of time. Our entry level e-bike that is perfect for beginners is the Array, priced at £1275.00.

Q. Which would be best for an 83-year-old man on an e-bike, a hub gear or a derailleur?

A. This is completely up to you and your own personal preference. If you can, we always advise you to check out your local dealer and try some out!

Q. What's the difference between the Motus Grand Tour and the Centros range?

A. The Centros’ 500wh battery is fully integrated within the frame for a sleek finish. As well as this, the Centros uses a belt drive for a smoother ride.

Q. Why can’t the battery be charged as you pedal on the flat or go down hill?

A. I’m afraid our batteries aren’t powered with kinetic energy and will need to be plugged in to a power source to be charged.

Q. What is the best entry level e-bike?

A. The Raleigh Array is our most popular entry level e-bike and provides the best electric riding experience for a newbie.

Q. What's the top speed of my e-bike and why can't it go faster?

A. By law the assisted speed can only reach 15mph, but there's nothing stopping you from going faster with your own leg power!

Q. How heavy is an e-bike?

A. This depends on the style of e-bike you go for! Our folding e-bikes such as the Stow-E-Way weighs around 20kg where as our Motus range for an all-round experience weighs in at around 25kg.

Q. I want to take my e-bike with me everywhere, can I use a roof rack or carrier on my car?

A. You sure can, we stock a range of e-bike carriers that are built to withstand the heavier load. If you're not sure which one will fit your car get in touch with our consumer service team and we'll be happy to advise.

Q. Isn't an e-bike cheating?

A. Don't worry, we get this one a lot. It's a common misconception that an e-bike is 'cheating' and that you are not doing any exercise. However, an e-bike can simply provide you with a little assistance when you need it most, like going up a steep hill. You have complete control over the level of assistance and it can often mean your rides are longer, you explore more and you exercise more.

Q. Can I have a belt-driven e-bike?

A. Yes you can. Our all Centros models are belt driven for a smoother ride and luxurious feel around. Take a look here!

Q. Where can I go to try out an e-bike for myself?

A. We always advise for you to go and test ride an e-bike. So head over to our store locator and see which store is closest to you. The stores that provide electric bike test rides are shown as a small green bike icon on the map.

Man and woman standing next to their Raleigh bikes
Man and Woman standing next to their bikes

Spares and Repairs

Q. Where can I get spare parts for my Raleigh bike?

A. This can depend on how old your bike is, often we have the required accessories available on our website. Generally, we advise to get in touch with our consumer support team and they may be able to point you in the right direction.

Q. What are the best ways to keep my bike safe?

A. We have a range of high-quality locks and cables to help keep your bike safe and sound when you’re not around. Head over to the accessories section on our website to browse the range.


Q. I am really tall/small - What size frame should I get?

A. Although we do have size guides on our website, there's no substitute for the real thing. So if possible, head down to your local Raleigh dealer and try them out. The staff will be able to find your perfect fit. If you can't get down to a store we do offer a 14 day free returns service for online orders just in case your bike is not quite right.

Q. Do I go for a Crossbar or Low Step Bike?

A. In general, we tend to advise that shorter people would benefit from a Low Step frame so they can mount and dismount easily. However, it all comes down to what your comfortable with. So get down to your local store and try some on for size and see what suits you.