Electric Bike
Jargon Explained

Ever wondered what a hub motor is or where the term Pedelec comes from? We've created a handy guide to explain common electric bike jargon that you might come across and help you explore electric bikes with more confidence.


A shortened term to describe electric bikes.

Motor System

The motor system is what gives an electric bike its power. Motor systems can be front-wheel, rear-wheel or mid-mount systems that all have their advantages for riders. For more information on the motor systems within our range click here.

Hub Motor

When the motor is located in the front or rear hub on the electric bike.

Watt Hours (WH)

The watt-hours signify the capacity of the battery that comes with the bike. The watt-hours of the battery are calculated by Volts x Amps.


The standard unit used to measure how strong an electrical current is that is sent around an electrical system.


A unit of electrical currents.

Integrated Battery

When the battery used to power the electric bike is fully hidden (integrated) within the frame.

Semi-Integrated Battery

When the battery used to power the electric bike is partly hidden (integrated) within the frame.


Pedelec is a term that is used when an electric bike requires the rider to pedal before the motor will run. This term is a shortened combination of the words "Pedal Electric".


TransX are an electric bike motor system manufacturer that provide the motor, display, and components for bikes within of our electric bike range.


The display is attached to the handlebars of the bike and shows you useful information about your electric bike while it is being used. In most cases, this is also where you control the power assistance when riding.

Walk Function

Provides you assistance when pushing your bike up to 6mph, to make it easier to push your bike when it is not in use.

Support Levels

A term used to describe the different power assistance levels provided by the electric bike system.

Newton Meters (NM)

The torque (or power) output of the motor.


The force that causes rotation within the bike.

Bosch Active Line

A created Bosch motor system that powers the bike.

Bosch Purion

An onboard computer system that is attached to the handlebars of the bike. The Purion shows the display and provides the assistance required when riding.


Powerpack can be another term for battery when talking about electric bikes.

Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles Regulations (EAPC)

EAPC regulations are the laws in which electrical bikes have to adhere to to be road legal in the UK. EAPC regulations are defined by the government and vary in different parts of the UK. For full information click here.