A Worthy Homage to
Joop Zoetemelk

Are you aware of Joop Zoetemelk’s iconic Tour de France victory in 1980? Tick. Are you a lover of road bikes? Tick. Do you appreciate the craftmanship of a retro bicycle? Tick.

What Is It?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then we’re sure you’ll be no stranger to the 1980’s icon; the TI-Raleigh. So in love with the bike we are, that we decided it was only right to honour this momentous victory with an anniversary edition to utilise modern componentry but pay homage to the original.

Why We love It

The 40th anniversary edition TI-Raleigh hit a cord with cyclists across the globe. In celebration and honour of Joop Zoetemelk’s iconic 1980’s Tour de France victory, we lovingly crafted a version fit for 2020.

It’s difficult to imagine a more perfect homage and we’re certainly all very proud of the bike here at Raleigh. We’ve stayed true to history through the use of original features such as a Selle Italia Turbo Saddle and red Reynolds 753 frame tubing. We’ve also added a 10-speed cassette to help with challenging climbs.

Why You Love It Too

The positive feedback has been overwhelming and the buzz around this bike has been extremely exciting. Not only has it been well received by you, our most crucial critics, but we even got the seal of approval from the man himself, Joop Zoetemelk.

"Reynolds tubing with Campagnolo gears. It’s all been done excellently " Joop comments “one remarkable thing I’ve noticed, is I did get out this bike this morning, and I rode away with it. It really felt like I was 40 years younger”.

It’s not just Joop who has been enjoying the fresh new TI. You’ve been sending us some great photos and lovely comments too which have made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

“Just received mine, she is beautiful. Had a picture of the original on my wall as a boy and now i’m going out for a 60 mile ride tomorrow. Thank you! You have made a 6 year old Ferdinando very happy. P.S, fricking awesome ride." – Ferdinando, a very happy TI-customer.

We love that we’ve made dreams come true for our fans. Andy can’t seem to keep away from his new bike (but who could blame him?!)

“What a gorgeous machine. I can't stop myself nipping into my garage to look at this bike. The Selle Italia 1980 Turbo saddle is supremely comfortable and the Campag kit, albeit not a matching group-set, just looks right for 1980. This bike rides nicely and brings back my younger days.”

Nostalgia has been a key theme for you all. We hope that in producing this very special anniversary edition TI Raleigh, we’ve helped you re-experience your youth and taken you on a journey which has transported you straight back to 1980, eyes fixed on the television screen watching Joop take yellow. After all, it’s "the closest thing to time travel this side of a black hole” according to Gray.

We’ve got full bikes or framesets should you wish to customise your very own dream build. And to complete your collection, we’ve worked with artist, Christian Tunstall who has produced a slick A3 print of the 80’s original.

TI-Raleigh Anniversary Edition Bicycle certificate of authenticity
Customer Riding The Raleigh TI 40th Anniversary

A Few More Thoughts

“To confirm, the bike arrived the day before yesterday and is now all complete.

Lovely looking machine. Only had a small problem with the cable for the front brake, super fiddly to place in the brake lever (I've done those quite frequently over the years, so not for lack of experience)

Anyway, it's all done, adjusted, checked and just waiting for some sun and dry conditions to have a first ride.

And I'd just like to take a moment here to thank you for all your help in enabling me to add this rare Raleigh to my Raleigh collection.


- Anthony C

“I've ridden the bike twice now. The first ride, about 40 kms, was quite nice but I wasn't quite at ease on it.

(Also thought, 753! OK. But a good 531 like my favourite, a Raleigh Record Ace, gives a great ride too)

So, I got down to setting it up closer to the measurements I use on my other Raleigh’s. Repositioned bars and brake levers and angled the saddle better.

Second ride yesterday, 40 kms again and... transformed! A lot more like what I expected.

I could possibly ride this bike all day. It fitted me, or I, it. :) :) 😊

The bike has been well received! Very nice and a happy customer😊”

- Michel E