Life’s a Journey, Not a Destination

Let’s be honest, how much time do you actually get to spend with your family? Research by Highland Spring Group found that the average family only spends 34 ‘undistracted’ minutes (i.e. without technology or routine getting in the way) together a day, rising slightly higher to 1 hour 37 minutes at the weekends.

One in four parents feel they’re far too busy to spend time with their children, as they’re caught up in the pressures of modern day life. When they do have family time, 60% spend it doing something non-active like watching a film, which can become a bit of an issue.

It’s true that we all lead busy lives, and it often seems like we’re rushing from one thing to the next: drop the kids off at school, drive to work, take the kids to football practice, drop them off at their friends… you get the picture.

But it’s true what they say: life’s a journey, not a destination. Rather than rushing around, why not stop and enjoy the little things in life?

Taking this literally, one great way to spend some quality time with your family is by getting out and about on your bikes. Here are three reasons why you and your family should start focusing on your journey, not your destination!

Spend more time together

Whilst we all lead busy lives, 34 minutes a day of distraction-free time with your family is nothing at all. It’s time to ditch the gadgets and do something that demands your full attention.  Going on a bike ride is a great activity to do together, as you’re effectively forced to free yourself from your phones and laptops, in favour of being outside.

Why not let one family member each pick a route, and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment you achieve once you’ve completed it together? In fact, we reckon you’ll have so much fun that you’ll want to get out on your bikes again and again!

Start by scheduling in a couple of hours a week to go on a bike ride together, as you can always build it up with the more experience you have. Just make sure that you take the necessary precautions to stay safe when cycling.

Get some exercise

Exercise carries lots of health benefits, and it’s even better when you find a form of exercise you actually enjoy!

Heading off on a family bike ride means you can all spend some time exercising together without it feeling like a chore. In fact, we think you’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll forget you’re even exercising!

Recent research by the British Medical Journal has shown the benefits of cycling, which includes a reduction in the development of several diseases. You can read the full extent of these benefits here.

As your family spends more time out on your bikes, you’ll get to try longer, more challenging rides and discover new routes… who cares what the destination is, as long as you’re enjoying the journey!

Experience the great outdoors

Just being outside can boost your happiness levels, as you get to breathe in fresh air and soak up the rays of the sunshine. It’s also been scientifically proven that spending time outdoors is good for you, which is just another great excuse to get your family on your bikes.

Research has shown that spending time outside is a great stress reliever, and reduces symptoms of depression, as well as improving your focus. Plus, it’s been found that children who have had more exposure to the natural world have higher self-esteem.

By dedicating time to spend with your family outdoors can help encourage your children to continue with this as they get older, as they’re reminded of how much they enjoy it. Who knows, they may even pass on the tradition of regular family bike rides when they eventually have children.

It’s true what they say: life’s a journey, not a destination. It’s not about where you’re going, it’s how you get there. Just make sure you enjoy the ride as a family – our bikes will help you to do just that.