Choosing the right bike

Think about all of the best bits of cycling; independence, convenience, healthy exercise, being good for the environment, and most of all fun! Forget about the bad bits; the hills and the hard work, an E-bike overcomes these issues and makes riding a pleasure.

Raleigh has been pioneering the development of E-Bikes from their first introduction. We have huge experience of the various systems on the market. Combine that with over a century’s knowledge in designing bikes for the UK, and we believe we have the best ever electric bike offering around.

Our bikes are a considered range developed with the UK environment in mind and integrating seamlessly into our standard Raleigh bike ranges - because we know you’ll be using them for the same things. So whether you’re looking to get about town with in style on a Spirit Electric, or take a short cut along a bridle path on the Strada Trail Sport Electric, we have the bike for you.

As part of the Accell group, we have access to the expertise of Europe’s largest E-bike manufacturer and are able to partner with our sister companies in the research and development of new technologies resulting in exciting new bikes such as the Array.

You also have the added assurance that Raleigh will support you after you’ve made your purchase. We have trained our dealer network in all the systems we use so that you can get you back on the road in the blink of an eye. We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we also offer a lifetime warranty on our frames.

Discover your electric smile today - visit your local electric bike dealer for a test-ride.