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Burnley Mayoress Mrs Lorna Tatchell and Councillor Andy Tatchell are set to show their support for cycling in Burnley on Saturday 26th July as they open the new Cyclelife Electric store within On Yer Bike, which can be found on Queen St, Burnley, Lancashire BB11 1AT.

Cyclelife Electric will sell a range of electric bikes and accessories from brands including Raleigh, the UK’s most recognized bike brand, and Haibike, the German high-performance electric bike brand distributed in the UK by Raleigh.

Store owner John Aspden said: “The shift to creating a dedicated electric bike retail outlet shows the growth in the numbers of people of all ages wanting to get around by bike. We can now cater exclusively for those consumers who would rather a little less effort in their cycling.

“We’re passionate supporters of Burnley’s drive to become more cycle friendly and we hope to provide a valuable service to the growing numbers of people getting around by bike.”

As a special launch offer On Yer Bike are offering free demo rides on their fleet of electric bikes.


Cycle training company Cycle Experience are set to officially open their family cycling centre in Telford Town Park on Saturday, July 19th.

With backing from Raleigh, Telford Cycle Centre will be launched in the 140 acre park, described as a “jewel for cyclists.”


Regular roadshows will take place in the park with Raleigh bikes for all ages on offer, from parents with young children, balance bikes for toddlers and even tandems for two and electric bikes.

There will also be cycle hire, lessons from experts and group rides along the Silkin Way, a 14 mile “green corridor” of well surfaced pathways built on disused canal beds and railway lines.

“Telford Town Park is a jewel for cycling. I wish every town had such a fantastic facility,” said Nick Moon, who runs Cycle Experience, part of Shropshire’s TTC Group, a UK leader in road safety education.

The Cycle Centre opens at the Visitor Centre on Saturday July 19th with a try-out roadshow in an arena where anyone can experience what it is like to ride Raleigh’s range of mountain bikes, electric bikes, road and commuter cycles, plus tricycles and tandems.

Cycle Experience also will have child seats and trailers for parents with young children and other specialist fun bikes.

“We have an exciting series of events to encourage everyone from 18 months to 80 plus to get cycling. This is all about encouraging people to try cycling, enjoy the outdoors and help to maintain a fitter and healthier lifestyle,” said Nick.

There will be learn to balance and ride sessions for 3 to 12-year-olds, a children’s mountain bike club, group guided rides for families and adults and cycle maintenance training.

Cycle roadshows start this Summer to co-ordinate with the school holidays and for all year round cycling. Download the programme here: Telford CC Summer Programme 2014



For Raleigh’s Bike Parts division week one of the Tour de France was a provided a lot of entertainment – not just from our product showcase at Leeds Town Hall.

Before the weekend began our helmet and eyewear brand Uvex and sports nutrition brand OTE joined in the pre-Tour celebrations in Leeds with an exhibit at Leeds Town Hall.

The Uvex City vs Urban helmet provided multiple photo opportunities and canny riders were able to bag themselves free samples of OTE bars and gels.

leeds town hall

Amongst the packed streets and sun-kissed roads of Harrogate Marcel Kittel was able to storm to victory, giving Uvex, our helmet and sunglasses brand, top spot on the podium.

Marcel wears the Uvex Race 5 helmet and SGL vario sunglasses, worn by many top teams, including Team Raleigh. 


With Kittel in yellow for stage two Uvex provided him with a limited edition yellow Race 5 helmet and matching glasses. Lovely stuff! See here for all the Uvex helmets and sunglasses from Raleigh.

Kittel wasn’t in yellow for long as Italian Vincenzo Nibali broke away on Stage 2 on the impossibly steep Cote de Jenkin Road and clawed enough of a gap to hold the peleton at bay.

This gave our clothing brand Moa some fabulous exposure – especially as Nibali remained in his Astana yellow jersey until stage 8.

Nibali_Tour De France 

You’ll find Nibali’s replica Astana kit here, along with plenty more race brand kit by Moa.

Nibali_Tour De France_3

The most hard-fought victory of the week has to go to Team Belkin’s Lars Boom though as he triumphed in horrific conditions on Stage 5 from Ypres to Arenberg Porte du Hainaut.

The cobblestoned stage took place in near-torrential rain, which made the terrain treacherous. Despite this he covered the 97 miles in just over 3 hours 18 minutes, thanks in part to his nutrition sponsors OTE.


To power their way through all 21 stages of the Tour de France Team Belkin will be using OTE’s energy gels, caffeine gels, powdered drinks and sports food bars, some of the best cycling food in the business.

With all this excitement in week 1 we’re looking forward to seeing what happens in week 2.


We’re always thrilled to hear about Raleigh bikes that have been restored to their former glory, especially ones that turn up in far flung corners of the globe.

So we were especially pleased when Pedram Jafarbeiki emailed us from Yazd, Iran’s “city of bicycles” to tell us about his grandfather’s bicycle.

Process (3)

Process (4) Process (2) Together with local repairman called Mohammad Gheise, Pedram decided to restore his grandfather’s classic 1930s Raleigh, taking new parts from current bicycles and re-spraying the original parts.

Process (8)

Process (6)

Process (5)

Process (26)

Process (22)

Process (19)

Process (20)

Process (7)

Process (21)

Process (24)

Mohammed and Pedram have brought a beautiful piece of machinery back to life. From what was a decaying relic of the last century is born a monument to cycling’s aesthetic appeal and global connection.

Process (32)

Process (31)

Process (30)




As the only British bicycle brand to win the Tour de France, the UK’s most famous cycle company will have a selection of its 2015 range on display at Yorkshire Bicycle Show this weekend.


To bolster the British presence at this year’s Tour de France Raleigh will unveil its 2015 road bike range – featuring Militis performance, Revenio endurance, Maverick touring and RX cyclocross models – at Yorkshire Bicycle Show, the 3-day cycling festival in Leeds city centre, home to Saturday’s Tour de France Grand Départ.

Raleigh’s 2015 model year caters for practically every major road cycling discipline, from elite performance to multi-day tours, with a focus on prestigious, modern British design right across the board.

Watch a video overview of the range here:

“The 2015 range is our broadest and best quality range yet. The Militis has been an outstanding success story for us in 2014 so we’ve refined that platform for the year ahead,” said Geoff Giddings, Raleigh Marketing Director.

“Likewise cyclocross is an exciting market for us both here in the UK and the US and we’ve expanded our range to account for that. Our Revenio range brings in Endurance blend carbon fibre, RE2P geometry and Direct Connect manufacturing as well as disc brakes on road for the first time.

Touring and classic steel is still a big part of our thoughts too with a new range of Maverick bikes for the emerging gravel race market. Without doubt this is most exciting range we’ve produced. It’s an amalgamation of our hobbies, our pastimes and our pleasures. And we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved.”


  • Carbon technology: Speed Blend, Performance Blend or Endurance Blend carbon fibre meets Direct Connect manufacturing and Max Internal Compression.


  • Alloy technology: From Kinesium hydroformed, taper-butted tubes or Atomic 13 butted 6061 aluminium alloy, our frames maximise vertical compliance, reduce shock and maintain lateral stiffness to dampen speed chatter from British roads and allow you to power up climbs or motor along the road.
  • Performance: Carbon and alloy models within the Militis, Criterium, Aura (time trial) and Equipe (track) ranges. The Militis Team features SRAM’s Red22, the lightest production groupset on the market. Prices range from £5000 to £600.
  • Endurance: It’s all about Revenio. RE2P geometry puts you in the perfect position to ride all day. Raleigh’s unique sizing system means you can find the right frame size and component length to suit your body shape. Prices range from £3000 to £600.
  • Cyclocross: Shared technology with Raleigh USA allows us the best of both worlds. Bikes designed for dry, dusty courses and bikes capable of handling copious amounts of mud. The RX Team features SRAM’s revolutionary 1×11-groupset, hydraulic HRD disc brakes and integral brake cables. Prices range from £3500 to £800.
  • NEW CATEGORY! Gravel: Built from Reynolds double-butted chromoly tubing, the Maverick range takes classic day touring geometry and tweaks the handling to be better suited for gravel, for mud or for the urban jungle. Prices range from £1150 to £750


Militis – Criterium – Aura – Equipe


Using technology honed and developed by its professional cycling team, Raleigh’s Militis range is built for racing and built for speed. Off the front, in the sprints or dominating the climbs, the Militis range is our lightest, stiffest and fastest to date.

The Militis Team took team Raleigh to 110 podium places last season whilst the Militis Race is used by a host of supported grassroots riders around the UK.


New for 2015 the Criterium series brings carbon affordability to the market, providing an optimum balance of stiffness, compliance, weight and versatility.

If the race of truth is your thing you’ll be looking at the Aura time trial models. With a balance between comfort and speed our frames allow you to use all of your power for more of the race. Choose from the Aura Team with Speed Blend carbon fibre or the affordable Kinesium hydroformed aluminium Aura Comp.

The simplicity of single gear riding is catered for with the Equipe fixed gear track bike. With a butted alloy frame and carbon fork it makes for the perfect track bike, coming with additional chainrings and a sprocket so that you can tune your bike to the track and distance that you’re racing.

• Militis Team, Miliits Race, Militis Pro
• Criterium Race, Criterium Comp, Criterium Elite
• Militis Comp, Militis Elite
• Aura Team, Aura Comp
• Equipe

Revenio – Revenio Carbon – Revenio Disc

It’s not the destination, but the journey. It’s about enjoying the route and taking in everything along the way. Our Endurance bikes have been re-examined and re-designed to ensure that on every challenge ride, every sportive, every solo century or lunchtime blast you are at your best. Because when you’re not feeling fatigued or strained at mile 67, the finish line appears so much closer.


The RE2P geometry of the Raleigh Revenio range puts you in the perfect position to ride all day in comfort. The taller head tube and shorter top tube takes the stress off your arms, neck and lower back allowing you to ride further.

This comfort is not at the expense of handling. Our new forks and revised frame geometry result in a responsive precise ride allowing you to descend faster with more control.

All the new Revenios have wider section rims and 25mm Schwalbe tyres allowing you to run them at lower pressures. This reduces rolling resistance, improves handling and reduces the risk of pinch flats.

Disc brakes on the Revenio alloy models allow for greater stopping power and more importantly greater control. For enjoyment and endurance think Revenio. What’s stopping you?

• Revenio Carbon 4, Revenio Carbon 3, Revenio Carbon 2, Revenio Carbon 1
• Revenio 5 Disc, Revenio 4 Disc, Revenio 2 Disc
• Revenio 3, Revenio 2, Revenio 1

RX Team – RX Race – RX Pro – RX Comp – RX Elite

Hugely popular with those in the know and one of the fastest growing scenes; explosive, exciting racing that gets you so dirty your mother won’t let you in the house.


The RX Carbon series are out and out cyclocross race bikes and offer you a choice of a classic agile European cross bike or a hydraulic disc-equipped North American speed machine. Both are built using our Speed Blend carbon and Direct Connect construction method to give you the choice, after all it’s your race.


Our RX Alloy bikes are designed for the dirt first and won’t let you down in a race. They come equipped with rack and mudguard mounts for when you need them for the drag to work. The new frames are lighter and stiffer than last year and feature a tapered head tube to improve handling and control.

• RX Team, RX Race, RX Pro, RX Comp, RX Elite

Maverick Comp – Maverick Elite – Maverick Tour – Royal

You ride wherever the mood takes you. One day it’s a tarmac commute, the next a blast through the woods, another it’s a weekend camping in the hills. You need one bike to do it all. Meet the new Raleigh Maverick.


The original Raleigh Maverick was one of the firstever mountain bikes, opening up a new world of trails and routes to off-road explorers. The new Maverick opens up the route less travelled once again. On gravel, on mud or in the urban jungle, it’s a true all rounder with the personality to match.


Built from Reynolds double-butted chromoly tubing, the Maverick takes classic day touring geometry and tweaks the handling to be better suited for multi-terrain use. Don’t let your bike dictate where you can and can’t ride. Explore everywhere.

• Maverick Comp, Maverick Elite, Maverick Tour, Royal


All models will be live and available to pre-order on http://www.raleigh.co.uk from Monday 7th July. Bikes will be available for collection from Raleigh stockists from August 2014.

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