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Uvex revolutionises bike glasses with a trend-setting glass technology that adapts to rapidly changing lighting conditions automatically or with the press of a button.
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The 0.1 second tint change  is made possible by a laminate of liquid crystals with electrochromatic activation through by a photocell light sensor.

100% UVA-, -B, - C protection

Changes lens tint in 0.1 seconds automatically or at the touch of a button.

Supravision lens

Works twice as long as the standard requires: 60 seconds of fog protection instead of the prescribed 30 seconds. Increases your safety and provides clear vision even in the poorest conditions

Adaptable soft nosepads & cold formable earpieces

Eyewear fits perfectly when you forget your wearing it. That’s why uvex uses adjustable soft nose pads and adjustable soft earpieces. Comfortably soft yet dimensionally stable – for pressure-free wearing comfort. The soft-finish legs are cold formable – for perfect hold.

lens tinting optionally with protection level S1 (64% translucence, for dark lighting conditions) or protection level S2 (16% translucence, for medium to bright lighting conditions)

Battery can be charged via mini USB

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